Benefit for the students and school

So what will the Students learn from this experience?

The Build a Bank programme links directly to the Business Curriculum and is an excellent, practical preparation for learning about running a business.


Participating students will be involved in all aspects of banking such as sourcing new customers for their bank, encouraging regular savings, providing ongoing customer service and keeping accurate financial records – in fact everything it takes to run a bank!


Students interested in being part of the School Bank Team will be interviewed for one of six positions and will receive feedback on their performances. The experience and learnings here will improve students’ CV writing skills and interview techniques.


From these activities, students will learn…..


  • Financial Education
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Digital Innovation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Interview Experience

How will the AIB Build a Bank Challenge benefit the School?

Having a bank on site will introduce students to the world of banking and encourage them to plan for their future by developing sound money management skills. AIB will provide full support to each school in the running of their School Bank by having a dedicated Student Officer available to enable students to be innovative and creative, with an emphasis on engaging with their local community. In addition to this, AIB will provide a €100 marketing bursary to the registered schools.