Social Housing - Development Finance

Who Are We:

  • Dedicated Social Housing Team
  • Extensive in-house expertise – lenders, engineers, surveyors, economists, solicitors
  • Part of wider development team (PRS, private schemes, balance sheet lending, commercial schemes)

AIB Social Housing Fund

  • New €500 million Social Housing Fund launched in December  
  • Follows on from previous social housing fund of €100 million (launched February 2018)
  • A key part of AIB’s commitment to the housing agenda
  • Sponsors of ICSH Conference
  • Work directly with AHBs
  • Operate as ‘one stop shop’ if long term funding required

What We Offer:

  • Funding available up to 70% of net value of the contract
  • Social schemes in all counties within ROI considered
  • Phasing is not a requirement unlike private schemes

Submitting a Proposal – Required Info.

  • Business Plan including experience of developer and the full professional team, development description, funding requirements, build plan and sales strategy
  • Technical Details including planning permission, drawings, GI reports, etc.
  • Monthly Development Cash Flow
  • Track record of developer is key