Effective working capital management is paramount to ensuring that businesses maintain sufficient liquid resources for their daily operational requirements.

Customers of AIB Corporate Banking have access to a wide range of working capital and trade finance solutions.


Our experienced Relationship Managers work closely with customers and draw upon their Sectoral knowledge to understand their specific cashflow requirements to offer flexible bespoke financing solutions.


Our key products and solutions include; (Might we include thumbnail links to the below or include a short summary with the thumbnails at the bottom of the page)

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Key Productions & Solutions

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    Short Term Finance


    • Business Overdrafts - Allows current accounts to go into an overdrawn position, up to a pre-agreed limit;
    • Invoice Financing -  Allows for immediate access of up to 85% of invoiced debt;
    • PromptPay and Insurance Premium Finance – Allows the spread of once-off payments for up to a period of 11 months;
    • Deferred Payment Guarantees – Allows businesses to defer payment of certain Customs and Excise duties/taxes to the month following the transaction date.

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    AIB Trade Finance Services

    • Provision of expert trade risk management advice, finance (Performance Bonds, Bid Bonds, Standby Letters of Credit etc.) and services to companies involved in importing and exporting in Ireland.

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    Liquidity Management

    • Allows businesses to efficiently manage surplus cash through our call and fixed term deposit offering.

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