Sector Outlook Reports

Outlook  is a series of AIB reports that examines and analyses the key issues affecting particular sectors within the Irish economy. 

The reports include research highlighting the key issues within each sector, while expert guidance and opinion  provide insights into how we are working to support the growth of these sectors.

Outlook: Medical Technology Update (January 2016)
Ireland’s reputation as a major global hub for the medtech sector has grown in stature in recent years, with 18 of the top 25 medtech companies in the world now operating here.

Outlook: Manufacturing Update (December 2015)
Research carried out by Ipsos MRBI, on behalf of AIB and Ibec, shows that the manufacturing sector in Ireland is now enjoying a renewed period of growth on the back of increased consumer demand in both Irish and overseas markets.

Outlook: Franchising Update (October 2015)
As both business and consumer sentiment continue to gain momentum in the Irish franchising sector, many companies operating in this sector are forecasting a strong growth in revenue this year.

Outlook: Social Housing Update (September 2015)
With a strong commitment from the Government to deliver a range of social housing initiatives over the next five years, the outlook for the social housing sector has never been brighter, although some challenges remain.

Outlook: Pharmacy Update (May 2015)

With over 1,800 pharmacies in Ireland, the majority operate on a similar business model with very few standing out from the crowd in the way they run their business. Pharmacists now need to look to new business models and develop a range of customer-focused services.

Outlook: Beef (May 2015)

Beef farming is the dominant enterprise on Irish farms, with over 95,000 farms having some element of a beef business. The sector is, however, undoubtedly the most diverse within Irish agriculture, with major differences between farms in terms of system, scale, intensification, efficiency, off-farm employment and dependence on direct payments.

Outlook: Nonprofit (December 2014)

The Irish non-profit sector is a diverse ecosystem of charities, advocacy groups, NGOs, and community and voluntary organisations that plays an important role in the social, cultural and economic fabric of Irish society. With a combined turnover in excess of €6 billion a year, assets of €3.5 billion, over 100,000 employees and 560,000 volunteers, the sector has faced some stiff challenges in recent years.


Outlook: Long Term Care (October 2014)
The number of people aged 65+ in Ireland is expected to increase by 38% over the next seven years, and this will place unprecedented demand on the health service and the level of care and support provided to older people. The long term care sector is facing stiff challenges if the expected demand for beds by 2021 is to be met.

Outlook: Exports (June 2014)

With exports from Ireland amounting to €181.3 billion in 2013, €18.6 billon of which was attributable to indigenous companies, Irish exporters will play a key role in driving future economic growth.

Outlook: Residential Property (May 2014)
With the Irish residential property sector now entering a period of growth and consumer sentiment improving, a number of factors are conspiring to inhibit the supply of much-needed new housing stock, particularly in key urban areas.

Outlook: Technology (March 2014)
SMEs in the Technology sector are very optimistic about the future, with 92% of them planning to expand their business in 2014 and 74% planning to grow their workforce this year.

Outlook: Energy Efficiency for Business (December 2013)

Energy costs have a significant impact on every SME in Ireland. Reducing energy consumption saves SMEs money, and those savings go straight to the bottom line. This report analyses energy consumption, the understanding of energy bills and the appetite to undertake energy initiatives to reduce costs.

Outlook: Licensed Trade (August 2013)

There is a degree of polarisation emerging in Ireland between pubs that are responding effectively to the recession and those that continue to experience decline. However, research – carried out by Amárach Research on behalf of AIB – also shows varying levels of optimism within the sector.


Outlook: Dairy (July 2013)
Irish dairy farmers are looking towards the removal of milk quotas with a sense of optimism and opportunity. This is one of the key findings from research commissioned by AIB, in association with the IFA, and carried out by Amárach Research and Broadmore Research.

Outlook: Hotels (May 2013)
The Irish hotel industry is looking forward to a period of renewed growth after a number of difficult years, according to research commissioned by AIB, in association with the Irish Hotels Federation and carried out by Amárach Research. 

Outlook: Retail Convenience Stores (April 2013)

New research carried out in February 2013 by Amárach Research, on behalf of AIB, on the thoughts of Irish retailers and the trends that have emerged in the Irish retail landscape.