Irish Infrastructure - Public Private Partnerships

Spanning projects from schools to road infrastructures, the Public Private Partnership sector requires a delicate balance between commercial success and generating a return for the economy. We’re behind many of the country’s major projects such as Dublin Waste to Energy Project and the Schools Bundle 4 PPP.

These projects are complex and they have benefitted from our understanding of how best to place the challenges and rewards of these projects with those who can get the best results.


We have an experienced team available to deliver long term finance solutions and work with the Borrower and advisors in order to bring about an economic and efficient delivery of the Project.

AIB Corporate Banking Ireland is focused on supporting the continued roll out of the Irish Infrastructure Programme. 

Why choose AIB?

It’s a partnership


With customers spanning every sector of the economy and our long established track record of supporting businesses to meet their growth plans, we're a bank with a reputation for strategic partnership.


We know that, like the markets you operate in, banking is a competitive global market place. So we work hard to turn business relationships into unique partnerships that add up to that extra value that makes the difference for you. 


You want a partner who brings to the table a deep understanding of your business and your sectors. We have a relationship team that has years of experience of your industry and who invests the time to truly understand your business. 



Meet your relationship manager


Take the time to talk with us and you’ll find we’ve years of experience of supporting business in your sector.


You’ll get a sense that you’ve met someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone with an understanding of your business that you can rely on. Straight-talking and meaningful, it will become a partnership focused on building long term relationships.


You’ll see the service we offer, the products, the knowledge and experience of your markets, supported by a banking network throughout Ireland and the UK.  


Meet your relationship manager; welcome to a partnership.


John Delahunty
Business Unit Head – AIB Corporate Banking

Ph: 01-6414711




Sector Expertise

Our expertise of infrastructure projects covers all PPP Project types;

  • Transport – Roads, rail, airports (Direct Route Fermoy/Limerick)

  • Accommodation – Schools, courts, Garda stations (Schools 4)

  • Environmental – Dublin Waste to Energy

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The benefits of being an AIB customer

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    Our Experience

    • The team has worked with various industry experts and customers to bring about a flexible and practical approach to supporting the delivery of large wind and biomass projects
    • We fully understand the market and the challenges facing the Borrower in delivering Projects in both a timely, and cost effective manner

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    • We will continue to support the roll out of the Irish Infrastructure Stimulus Programme which has been strategically targeted primarily at roads, education, health sectors.  The Programme will contribute to jobs, the longer term development of critical infrastructure and improved delivery of the key public services.

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    Practical Financing Solutions

    • Whilst we favour sovereign payment support mechanisms we have financed projects with and without government support.   Where the fundamentals of the transaction allow more flexibility we will work with the Borrower to maximise the Project cashflows. 

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