Working Capital Solutions



If Covid-19 is affecting your business, an overdraft will allow you to continue to operate your current account within an agreed limit. An overdraft is an extra support, giving you more security, flexibility and control over your cashflow. You’ll only pay interest on the amount you use, with no fixed repayments.

Business & Farmer Credit Line

The Business Credit Line & Farmer Credit Line are lines of credit that can be planned by you. By establishing the level of working capital support you need at the start of each year and arranging the necessary bank finance, you can have the funding in place for planned seasonal purchases. You can transfer money over the phone or online, so there’s no need to call into branch.

SBCI COVID-19 Working Capital Loan Scheme

We’ve partnered with the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) to provide SMEs with access to this scheme to fund innovation, change or adaption of the business to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

Prompt Pay & Insurance Premium Finance

These are two short-term finance solutions that help you turn large annual bills into manageable monthly repayments.

So if your business needs extra flexibility over your cashflow, talk to us about these options today.