€5 Contactless Promotion - Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions cover this campaign to receive the sum of €5.00 cash back to your Card when you complete five eligible Contactless Transactions within a particular five week timeframe (the “Campaign”). Your Debit Card Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Card Terms and Conditions”) still apply and these Terms and Conditions are additional to those. If there is any difference between these terms and conditions and the Card Terms and Conditions, we will rely on these. In this document where a word or term is capitalised but is not explained, the definition and explanation will be in the Card Terms and Conditions.



  1. The Campaign means that if you complete a minimum of five eligible Contactless Transactions using your Card between 12am on 18th February 2019 and 12am on 24th March 2019 (the “Timeframe”), you will receive the sum of €5.00 to your Card after the end of the Timeframe. The amount will appear as ‘AIB Visa 5 for 5’ on the statement for that Transaction and will be added directly to your Card as a credit amount.

  2. You can only receive a maximum amount of €5.00 for taking part in the Campaign. This means that even if you use your Card to carry out more than five eligible Contactless Transactions within the Timeframe, you will not receive any more than €5.00 to your Card.

  3. Certain types of Contactless Transactions will not qualify as one of the five Contactless Transactions necessary for you to receive the €5.00 to your Card. For example, if you use your Card to pay for gambling, such as betting or the lottery, or for certain financial services payments such as credit card payments, cash withdrawals, Card to card and/or Card to Card payments, then such transactions will not qualify as one of your five eligible Contactless Transactions. You can find out more details about what counts as an eligible Transaction by emailing us at cc.sales@aib.ie.

  4. If your Card is replaced for any reason during the Timeframe, you will no longer qualify to receive €5.00 to your Card unless you had already completed five eligible Contactless Transactions before your Card was replaced.

  5. We reserve the right to discontinue the Campaign or, within reason, to disallow the payment to you of €5.00 in certain circumstances.

  6. To qualify to receive the sum of €5.00 to your Card as part of this Campaign, you must have a Card used for personal use not connected with your trade, profession or business and be aged 18 years and over. However, you will not be eligible to receive this sum if at any stage during the Timeframe you no longer meet these criteria, even if you met the criteria before the Campaign began.

  7. We accept no responsibility if there is a delay or other issue relating to the payment of €5.00 for you taking part in the Campaign, whether due to technical reasons or otherwise. We will not be liable (to the extent permitted by law) for any loss or damage arising out of our part in organising or holding this Campaign or as a result of your participation in the Campaign or otherwise, this includes any direct/indirect loss or for any loss or damage that happens as a result of taking part or if the Campaign does not run as planned.

  8. We reserve the right to extend or withdraw the Timeframe or change any other aspect of the Campaign, within reason, at any stage without prior notice.

  9. By completing five eligible Contactless Transactions within the Timeframe we will take it that you have accepted these terms and conditions.

  10. If you do not wish to take part in the Campaign, please let us know in an email to cc.sales@aib.ie including your details, any time before 17th February 2019.


All the information correct as at January 2019.