Joyce: Club Players Association long overdue34881Adobe CQAnonymousFair play to you Padraic on CPA. Spare a though for us old boys who love GAA but had to move away permanently to find work etc. Some people are gifted &lucky to be able to work & play in their communities RattiganIts about time people realise the club scene is in serious trouble and put their name to a meaningful association LyonsWe all agree completely with the aims of the CPA and are aware of the many problems facing clubs and club players, but where is the specific plan of action. Every club is a 'Mé Féin' unit of the association and most club players are not interested in the politics of the GAA. Much as we would love to see democracy returning to the GAA, and all the changes coming from the bottom, nothing will be changed unless it comes from the top down. That's the sad truth. There is no proper place for a CLA in the GAA, just as there should never have been a GPA.