‘Jeff and Kammy’s Road to Croker’ will air each Monday at 5pm on www.youtube.com/aib and AIB’s other social channels. 


Jeff and Kammy’s Journey to Croker Episodes 1, 2 and 3

They are the self-confessed ‘Laurel & Hardy’ of soccer commentary whose witty observations and non-stop banter has won them millions of fans since they first teamed up 17 years ago.


We wondered what would the most famous double-act in British sports punditry - Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara - make of the glorious game of Gaelic Football and find out just how club fuels county. And so ‘Jeff and Kammy’s Journey to Croker’ was born.


The wait is over - episiode 1, 2 and 3 are live here NOW!!



We've  challenged the lively duo to face the ultimate challenge for any Irish sports broadcaster: to commentate live on the 2017 All-Ireland Football Final in Croke Park. They’ve undergone a whistle-stop tour of some of Ireland’s greatest Gaelic Football hot-beds. They’ve witnessed matches from juvenile to senior level and club to county, to glean as much as possible about the unique culture of the GAA - and they didn’t do it alone. They were accompanied by some of the most famous faces in GAA - including Micháel Ó Muircheartaigh, Peter Canavan, Dick Clerkin and Jonny Cooper - who offered personal advice and invaluable insights.


Over the next eight weeks our exclusive eight-part video series will reveal how they fared during a 1000-kilometre road trip through GAA country, starting in Farranfore Airport and travelling, by foot, boat and car across Ireland to find out how club really fuels county.


It gave them fascinating glimpses and insights into a game and community that was totally unknown to them but has left them breathless. “Every place we’ve been to has been amazing,” said veteran broadcaster Stelling, a man whose career as a sports journalist has covered everything from horse-racing to darts and even included a spell presenting TV quiz show Countdown.


First stop, inevitably, was Gaelic Football’s Kingdom and he said: “Not having been there before, and being an ignorant Englishman, I genuinely didn’t realise just how beautiful Kerry was and how popular it is with tourists.”


Gaelic Football fans will see how they grappled with learning everything from club names and Irish pronunciations to the rules on soloing and scoring. “What do you call it again when it goes under the bar Jeff?” asks Kammy regularly. Then there’s their total amazement at speaking to inter-county players and discovering that this game, which will attract 80,000 to Croke Park in September, is coached and played by unpaid amateurs.


In episode 2 Jeff and Kammy will journey to Dingle where they meet legendary GAA commentator Micháel Ó Muirchearthaigh, who challenges them to commentate on a local U15 game.


‘Jeff and Kammy’s Road to Croker’ will air each Monday at 5pm on www.youtube.com/aib and AIB’s other social channels. 



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