Stock Exchange Announcements


2015 Announcements

(21/12/2015) AIB – new ordinary shares commence trading on the Enterprise Securities Market

(17/12/2015) AIB - Appointment of Helen Normoyle as a Non-Executive Director

(17/12/2015) AIB returns significant capital to the State

(16/12/2015) AIB – Approval of Capital Reorganisation Measures

(16/12/2015) AIB - EGM Opening Address by Richard Pym, AIB Chairman

(08/12/2015) AIB – Regulatory confirmation of O-SII status

(04/12/2015) AIB Director appointed to the Board of Beazley PLC

(26/11/2015) AIB issues EUR 500 million of Fixed Rate Reset AT1 Perpetual Contingent Temporary Write-down Securities

(24/11/2015) AIB – European Banking Authority Transparency Exercise 2015

(23/11/2015) AIB - EGM for Shareholder Approval for the Proposed Capital Reorganisation

(19/11/2015) AIB issues EUR €750 million of subordinated Tier 2 notes due 2025

(17/11/2015) AIB Interim Management Statement and Update on Capital Reorganisation

(16/11/2015) AIB Announces Date for Interim Management Statement

(06/11/2015) AIB Announces Regulatory Approval for a Proposed Capital Reorganisation

(07/08/2015) AIB 2015 Half-Yearly Results Announcement 

(20/07/2015) AIB Mortgage Bank raises €750m through a 5 year ACS Bond Issuance

(03/07/2015) AIB announces date for Half Year Financial Results

(29/05/2015) AIB Announces CEO Appointment

(14/05/2015) AIB Pays Cash Dividend on 2009 Preference Shares

(01/05/2015) AIB Pillar 3 Disclosure 1st May 2015

(01/05/2015) AIB Interim Management Statement

(30/04/2015) AIB announces date for IMS

(30/04/2015) AIB – Results of Annual General Meeting 2015 

(28/04/2015) AGM Opening Address by the Chairman of Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c., Richard Pym

(31/03/2015) Annual General Meeting- 28 April 2015- Shareholder Information  

(09/03/2015) AIB issues €500 million of 5-year Senior Unsecured Funding

(05/03/2015) Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. (“AIB”) announces results for the year ended 31 December 2014 

(05/02/2015) AIB Annual Financial Results 2014 - March 5th 2015

(30/01/2015) AIB Appoints Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

(27/01/2015) AIB Mortgage Bank raises €750m through a 7-year Asset Covered Securities (ACS) Bond Issuance

(19/01/2015) AIB Chief Executive Officer to step down