iBB Terms and Conditions are changing


On 13th January 2018 we will introduce new Terms and Conditions. We strongly recommend that you review and download the new Terms and Conditions here.


The current Terms and Conditions can be reviewed and downloaded here.


If you continue to use iBB after these amendments take effect on 13th January 2018, you will be deemed to have accepted these changes and no further action is required by you. These changes do not in any way affect your entitlement to cease using iBB at any time and you may cancel the Service at any time free of charge, provided you pay any charges that you owe us.


 For your convenience a summary of the key changes is listed below:


  1. We have extended what your Local Administrator(s) can do through the Service to include the ability to change any postal or correspondence address you provide to us and amend or vary your Cash Management Limit. For example, the Local Administrator will be able to change the delivery address(es) that we send digipasses to and where we deliver any communication including any notices related to iBusinessBanking. In addition the ability to amend or vary your Cash Management Limit means that the Local Administrator can manage the maximum payment amount of all Users from all Accounts that can be transacted on the Services in a Business Day or non-Business Day. See updated Condition 3.4 (here).


  3. We have included a definition of Cash Management Limit to explain what it means and how it applies to payments and transfers by Groups who use the service.


  5. Directive 2 (PSD2). PSD2 brings third party providers offering account information and payment initiation services under regulation for the first time and gives customers who have payment accounts accessible online the ability to consent to certain third party providers accessing those accounts. As a result of this change, we have included a section on third party providers which explains, for example, how you may give consent to third parties to access your Account online, circumstances when you can withdraw that consent and when it may not be possible to do so, and when we may need to block access. Please see (new) condition 8 (here). We have also made changes to Condition 3 (here) to provide for Condition 8. These changes do not affect customers who do not use third party providers.


  7. We have removed definitions which are no longer required, for example, ‘SEPA’ is now explained in the definition of ‘Payment Files’. We have changed other definitions and conditions to try to make them easier to read, for example, ‘Business Day’. We also made changes to reflect PSD2 changes which were made to the Account terms and conditions, for example, to section 3.


  9. We have made changes to our data protection condition to reflect the fact that our data protection and use of information notice no longer forms part of your Agreement. Our data protection notice is available on our website and our data protection obligations to you have not been impacted by this change.


  11. We have updated our Complaints condition by including information on a right you may have to refer complaints about products or services that you take up online, to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution platform.


  13. We have removed all references from the terms and conditions to the iBB User Guide.