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Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Travel Insurance Key Benefits Table


There are some situations that you are not covered for. Generally, these involve anything you already know about, or that is caused by deliberate or illegal acts on your part. Full details of these are in the policy document.


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Key Benefits

Key Exclusions

Maximum Payable




Illness or death of anyone not insured under the policy (Immediate Family Members) if You, or any other Person Insured, were aware of any reason, either at the time a Holiday was booked or at the time You purchased this Policy, why that Holiday might have to be cancelled






Travel Delay

Must be delayed for at least 12 hours on the outbound or return journey



Nil (unless the Holiday is abandoned)


Must be in patient in hospital and no cover if the mugger is known to You





Search & Rescue

Recovery operation must be provided by a recognised recovery service






Any expenses incurred following disinclination to travel



Personal Accident

If death, loss or disability is Due To disease or any physical defect, injury or illness which existed before the Holiday





Medical Expenses

Travelling against the advice of a Doctor and for any treatment not medically necessary

Unlimited unless medical expenses result from Extreme or hazardous activities where the maximum payable is €1,000,000

€100 or €250 for hazardous activities or €500 extreme activities

Hospital Benefit

Any institution not recognised as a hospital in country of treatment



Personal Property

Max limit for any one item and valuables in total is €250 Valuables left unattended (check in luggage, back seat of car, out of sight) Dentures, hearing aids, prescription glasses, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, contact or corneal lenses





Lost/Stolen Money (per person)

If police report/hotel management report is not provided to verify loss/theft of money






Loss of Passport/ Driving Licence

We will not pay unless a loss or theft is reported to the Police (and the hotel management if the loss or theft occurs in a hotel) within 24 hours of discovery and We are provided with a copy of the original written Police report and report to the hotel management as applicable






Any criminal act



Personal Liability

Any wilful or malicious act



Overseas Legal Advice & Expenses

Any criminal or wilful act or any claim reported 24 months after the beginning of the incident which led to the claim





The information above shows only the key benefits and exclusions, you should review the policy document to find further details on all benefits and exclusions.


We also offer cover for Single, Annual Multi-Trips and Winter sports. Insurance for Winter sports and Single Trips and Annual Multi-Trips.

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