Conservative Investor

You tend to lean towards taking a cautious approach. However, when it comes to investments, you are willing to venture a little to get the opportunity for a better reward. You are not intimidated by making investment decisions although it may not be an area that you take a very active interest in.


You may have some experience of investing some of your money in assets for example, managed funds that can go up and down in value to a small degree. If you were making a lump-sum investment, you would be willing to accept a low level of ups and downs to improve your chances of getting a better return than deposit accounts tend to give. For example, you may want some of your money invested in a capital secure option, but would be willing to take some risk with the rest to get a higher return. When it comes to making regular savings, or funding your pension, you will look to control the ups and downs over the long term inreturn for a good potential return.