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Mortgage options when moving 40 sec

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Your application on your time 25 sec

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Why get your mortgage with AIB? 2 mins

Here's how it all works

If you’re already on the property ladder and want to move to another home, we’ll help you with a few pointers.

Know what your home is worth

This will help you figure out how much money you’ll have from the sale of your home after repaying the mortgage and fees. This money can then go towards your next home.  It’s a good idea to get valuations from a few different estate agents. Their fees can vary from 1.5% to 2.5% (so remember to question the price). You’ll also need to find out how much a solicitor will charge for managing the sale of your home. Again it’s worth approaching more than one solicitor for a price.

What will your new home look like?

How many bedrooms will you need? Do you want a big garden? Do you want to be close to schools or public transport? Making a list of what’s important to you can help you focus on where to look and to compare properties.  

Make a timeline

Lots of people ask us should they buy first or sell first? There really isn’t a right answer to this question.  It all depends on whether you can afford to pay for two homes, even for a short time as you sell your old one. Many of our customers have sold their old home before they take out a mortgage with us for the new one.

Fix your budget

You’ll need to decide how much you can afford to spend on your new home. This will depend on the money left over from the sale of your old home, savings you have and your new mortgage loan. You can use our Home Buying Calculator to work out how much you’ll need to save.

Talk to one of our Mortgage Experts

You don’t need any documents or deposit to talk to us. We can guide you through every step towards getting a mortgage and finding a home. In some cases we can even come to you, wherever you are.

So you’ve decided to move. Up or down the property ladder, to a bigger place for a growing family or maybe it’s a downsize as they move out. It’s an exciting time, but there’s also a little work in getting to grips with moving.

We’ve gathered some top tips here to help make the whole process easier for you.

Make a plan

Everyone loves a plan some more than others. Set an evening aside with yourself and any significant other and make a list of what needs to be done. Once you have a rough plan on paper, the whole thing won’t seem as daunting.

Consider things like what mover to use, when you can fit time in to your schedule to pack and the packing material.

You’ll need to arrange a deep clean for your current home before you leave it. Moving home is an ideal time to get rid of clutter. Put everything through the ‘Do we really need to keep this or will it end up in the new attic to gather dust?’ – test. You’ll thank yourself when you arrive at your new home with a blank canvas to work from.

Planning list will help organise what you need to do and when, so make sure you’re being realistic about giving yourself enough time to see it all through. Looking at it on paper, you may feel you’ll be able to fit it all in on weekends and even the odd evening after work – but be realistic, build in some extra time and breaks in between. You’ve still got your day to day stuff to do, the classes, the relaxation, helping with the homework.

It’s all about balance, isn’t it?

Pop into a branch, make an appointment on or ask us to call you back when you can speak with one of our Mortgage Experts.

You don’t need any documents or deposit saved to chat to an Expert. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track from the start by helping you make a plan to get the deposit together. If you can’t make it to a branch, we can come to meet you, so this may also be an option for you. 

Get your paperwork together

Once you’ve saved your deposit you will need to show us that you can afford to keep repaying the mortgage.  Your Mortgage Expert will tell you exactly what documents you need to give us, such as payslips, bank statements, credit card bills and proof of saving or gifts.

No Fees

Our personal mortgage customers don’t pay transaction or maintenance fees on their AIB current account they use to pay the mortgage on the home they live in.

Apply for Approval in Principle

Once you have your deposit together you can apply for a mortgage and receive an Approval in Principle. This is when we agree, in principle, to give you a mortgage, based on the information you’ve given us. Then you’ll know how much you have to spend on your new home. There will be more conditions you’ll have to meet, but we’ll make these clear so you’ll know what else you have to do before we can lend you the money.

You can apply online, over the phone, or in a branch with one of our Mortgage Experts. If you’re unsure about anything, why not book an appointment online or pop into a branch to speak with one of us?

Once our Mortgage Expert gives you approval in principle, you’re well on your way. We’ll make all the next steps as easy as we can for you. We’ll send you a link to My Mortgage, which lets you control the rest of your application in your own time.

✔  My Mortgage works on your mobile 
✔  It takes you step by easy step through everything 
✔  It's interactive with messages and uploads

Book an appointment

What happens after I get mortgage approval?

Once we give you approval in principle, you can go house hunting confident of what you can afford.

Make an offer

If you’ve found a home you like, you can put down an offer but be sure to have a surveyor check the property out. They’ll be able to spot any damp, cracks in the walls, infestation issues or faulty wiring. Once you’re satisfied the house or apartment is structurally sound, you can put down your deposit.

Find a Solicitor

If you haven’t got a solicitor yet, now’s the time to find one, maybe by asking friends or family for a recommendation.  They’ll be doing most of the dealings with the seller or builders’ solicitor on your behalf, so make sure they’re reputable. Next, tell us once you’ve made an offer; we need to know the property details, including its value. This can be easily arranged by calling our Central Valuations Team on 0818 100 051.

Sign the offer letter        

When we’re happy they’ve received all the relevant property details and any other things we’ve asked you to do (they are all laid out as conditions) we’ll send a formal offer letter to you and your solicitor. This is the official contract, so review it carefully together. Once you’re both happy, sign and return it to us.

Mortgage protection and home insurance

You’ll need to have both mortgage protection and home insurance in place before we send the money to your solicitor. Our AIB Financial Advisors will be happy to discuss your life / illness cover and income protection options. We’ll also give you 30% discount on home insurance if you’ve been claims-free for three years or more. All discounts are applied on a reducing balance basis and are subject to a minimum premium of €157.50 for Buildings & Contents Insurance and €105 for Contents Only. Once those details are confirmed, the mortgage loan can go ahead.

Make buying your home a little easier


Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Rate

The Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Interest Rate is available to new and existing AIB mortgage customers, including Switchers, Top-ups and Self Builds, with a mortgage loan of at least €250,000 and a term of 4 years or more. Switchers availing of the Higher Value rate can also benefit from the €2,000 Switcher cash offer. Existing AIB customers who have more than one mortgage loan on the same property can avail of the Higher Value 4 Year Fixed Interest Rate if the combined value of the mortgage loans is at least €250,000 and a term of 4 years or more remains on each mortgage loan. The balance of your mortgage(s) at the time of issuing your Letter of Offer is used to determine eligibility.

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