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Everyone needs to dip into their savings from time to time. Whether you’re looking for lump sum or regular savings, with a Personal Demand Deposit account, a variable interest rate applies to your money. We calculate interest each day and pay it to your account in April and October. So you can earn interest on your savings, but still access your money whenever you need to through your account online or in a local branch.*

Choose the account that works for you


Online Notice Deposit

 Save up to €1,000,000   

 Access money after 7 days' notice

 Monthly deposit up to you

 Hold up to four accounts in your own name or shared with someone else

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Personal fixed term deposit

 Save from €15,000

 Access money at end of term

 You can hold one account in your own name


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Saving tips and tricks


It's one to one

Tech is great - but for some things in life we just want to speak to a human being. You can pop into one of our branches or talk on the phone - the choice is yours.


What we'll cover

It takes three minutes to set up a time to talk to us. Between us we’ll decide what to cover - then we’ll set time to get into the details. It takes about 40 minutes to cover it all. Smart ways to plug gaps in income, green ways to invest and comfortable ways to retire.


What happens next

It can be a lot to take in. Don’t worry - you’ve time. We’ll email you the details of what we’ve talked about. And we’ll only be a phone call or email away if you’ve any questions.

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