Online Registration for Companies


1. Fill in the application form online and print it as a PDF
2. Sign the form and upload the scanned copy

Thank You

You have successfully registered for an AIB Phone & Internet banking Account. Registration Number is -

You will need this registration number and the personal access code you selected in order to login.

Please take a note of this registration number now as we will not send this by e-mail.

You have now been successfully registered for AIB Phone & Internet Banking. Simply click here to login to begin using Internet Banking.

Please note that you will need a Card Reader in order to complete certain transactions. You can order this after you have logged in by selecting the Services & Settings option from the menu.

If you are an existing iBB user and no longer wish to avail of iBB, you must submit a 'Withdraw a Company from iBB Form'. You will continue to be charged for the service until you submit the form and it is processed by us.

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