AIB will never ...

 We will never text you with a link asking you to login to your account on mobile or online banking.

 We will never ask you to transfer money to any safe or third party accounts.

 We will never ask you for a One Time Passcode (OTP), card reader codes or Digipsass codes when we contact you.

 We will never ask you to download software or request remote access to your accounts.

 We will never asked you to not login to your account for a few days “until we fix a problem”.

What we do to protect you

Secure login

Secure logging in information for both internet banking and mobile banking including steps on how it works - links out to internet and mobile banking webpages for people who may be looking for more information.

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Encrypted Website

To ensure you can access your accounts over the internet with the utmost confidence, we use the highest levels of industry standard security. As part of this security our connections use TLS1.2, the connection is encrypted using the Advanced Encrytion Standard (AES) and keys are exchanged via Diffe-Hellman ciphers.

Auto time-out and date stamp

This feature aims to protect you against unauthorised access.

AIB Internet Banking will automatically log you out after 5 minutes of inactivity and when you log in you will see the details of your last log in.
AIB Mobile Banking will automatically log you out after 4 minutes of inactivity.

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An AIB card reader

AIB Card Reader

The AIB Card reader offers extended security which enables us to offer customers an extensive range of services through AIB Phone & Internet Banking. For more information, Click here

Text alerts for cards

We may text you if we see suspicious activity on your credit or debit card. The text will come from these numbers 

For Debit Cards +353 86 180 3392;

For Personal Credit Cards the text will come from +353 86 180 3392

For Commercial Credit Cards the text will come from +353 86 180 0846

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Stay safe

Take the SAFE test before making any financial decisions or providing any personal information to anyone:

     Think and ask yourself - what? who? why? Do I feel rushed to act?

     Make sure the person contacting you is legitimate.

     Double check if the information you're told is real.

     Contact the Bank to check.

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