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Pogo device and smart phone.

21 Jan 2015

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At The Lab, bringing you the latest and greatest in innovative banking technology is the name of the game.

Staying true to this mission statement we’d like to introduce our new pièce de résistance, Pogo>. If you run a small business and need to accept card payments while out and about everywhere from fancy farmers markets to music festivals, we’ve got the solution for you; Pogo> Card Payments on the Go brought to you by AIB Merchant Services.

What is Pogo>?

Pogo> is an innovaite new chip and PIN reader which enables you to accept payments ‘on the go’ using a smartphone or tablet and is available to both AIB and non-AIB customers alike. While cash is always ‘king’, more and more consumers are going ‘cashless’ and Pogo> ensures you’ll never miss a sale.

How does Pogo> work?

Pogo> works within an app on your mobile phone and through a Bluetooth car reader we provide that works with the customer. You enter the amount that is to be charged to the customer on the app, it sends it to the card reader and instructs the customer to enter their PIN. The card reader then collects all the data securely while looking and feeling just like every other card reader in every other shop. Each transaction is encrypted with the latest technology and no customer data is stored on the device.

How to sign up for Pogo>?

You can apply for Pogo> quickly and securely online in just five minutes. Through a simple application process, you could be taking mobile payments within seven working days. Businesses will now be able to accept every card payment that comes their way and because Pogo> will be on-hand wherever your business takes you.

You can find out how to never miss a sale again by calling into The Lab and talking to one of our dedicated staff today or visiting our dedicate Pogo> webpage here.

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