AIB’s Top Home Safety Tips For All Your Rooms

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We all know that it’s impossible to be everywhere at once and this is especially true when it comes to safety in your home. AIB Home Insurance brings you a quick guide to keeping your home protected and safe with these handy tips.

Safety in the kitchen
Cooking is the main reason for home fires according to the National Fire Protection Association. By keeping a small fire extinguisher at the ready, you can easily keep small fires under control and put them out. You can also get aerosol spray fire extinguishers which are as easy to use as hairspray and can be stored in your kitchen press.

Safety in the living and dining room

You should install smoke alarms in your home that are interconnected as they can alert you from one room when a fire triggers in another. High end versions can verbally alert you and your loved ones to the kind of danger and the location e.g. smoke in the kitchen. Knowing the location of the danger can help better inform your emergency home escape plan.

Safety in the bedroom

When living in a two-story house or more, ensure that you have fire escape ladders on hand to help you escape in the event of a fire. Additionally, you should install both carbon monoxide and smoke alarms in each room of your house.

Safety in the basement

While basements aren’t always a common thing in Ireland, those of us who do have them are well aware that they can often be affected by damage from water and mould. By installing a water alarm, you can alert yourself to a leak before it causes any major damage.

Safety in the garage and hallway

It’s important to avoid any hazards which could cause you or a member of your family to fall or trip. Using simple storage devices such as coat stands and shoe racks in the hallway could eliminate the risk of this. In the garage, correctly hanging and storing larger items like bikes and gardening equipment can be a real help in correctly and safetly organising this space in your home.

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