The Third Place Winners at the AIB Build a Bank Challenge 2015 - RHEnumerate

Picture of the third place winners of the 2015 Build A Bank Challenge RHEnumerate.

A big congratulations goes to RHEnumerate of St Patrick’s Grammar School, Downpatrick, Co. Down who came third in the AIB Build a Bank Challenge 2014/2015. The team has won a prize of €2000 for the school with individual prizes for the students.

The team members are:

• Darragh McCrickard

• Oisín Mac Manus

• Éimear Degan

• Kevin Johnston

• Lauren McCullough

• Matthew Boyd

What sets RHEnumerate apart
RHEnumerate are the Official School Bank at St Patrick’s Grammar School and is run by six A-Level Business Studies Students who aimed to ensure that their fellow students have the best banking experience possible. Students were able to deposit money with the team on a Wednesday during their lunch period in reception.

Using a holistic approach to student banking, the team placed the customer at the centre of everything they did while aiming to get it right first time, every time. They also ran exciting promotions and competitions too which helped their customers become more engaged with the bank.

Within their own school, RHEnumerate spoke at assemblies addressing every year in the school, educating them about saving and banking. They also supported charities and undertook community outreach programmes with a member of the team doing a sponsored skydive.

What was their number one goal
RHEnumerate’s aim when entering the AIB Build a Bank Challenge 2015 was to meet the everyday banking needs of their peers, while providing them with a first class customer service keeping the students who used their bank’s best intentions at heart.

The local branch
The team received great support from their local branch and student officer Laura Ward through weekly meetings on Monday mornings. At these meetings, the team would set out their objectives for the coming week which really helped them keep on track through the competition. Laura also assisted the team on Wednesdays when the bank would open.

Advice for students taking part next year
RHEnumerate would encourage students to make the most of this great opportunity and definitely take part in the competition if they get a chance. The number of new skills the team feel they’ve acquired throughout the competition, both business and non-business related, are a fantastic pay off for all the hard work that goes into a winning entry. They the AIB Build a Bank Challenge is an amazing bonding experience too and it introduces to new people and creates new friendships.

To learn more about the AIB Build a Bank Challenge, visit our website here.