How to Make Your Bedroom the Perfect Sanctuary

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26 Feb 2016

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Did you know that we spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping? ‘What a huge chunk of wasted time’ I hear you say. Well actually, a good night’s sleep is proven to increase creativity, improve your attention span and reduce stress levels. If your current bedroom situation is causing you to lose sleep then don’t worry, help is at hand. Any bedroom can be turned into an oasis of calm with just a few inexpensive tweaks. Here’s how:

Colour Me Impressed

One of the quickest ways to transform a room is with a good old tin of paint. When it comes to the bedroom, choose your colour palette wisely. Red may be the colour of passion, but it’s not conducive to a good night’s sleep. Opt for a neutral palette instead. Soft colours like cream or duck egg blue will aid relaxation and help you to feel calm. If you can’t resist a bit of colour, add it in the form of accessories like throws and cushions that can be whisked away when slumber beckons.

Soft Lighting for a Good Night's Sleep

Hit the Dimmers

Lighting plays an important role in our sleep quality by helping our bodies to identify that it’s time to wake up. When it comes to the lighting in your room, keep things nice and soft with some carefully positioned lamps. Upgrading your existing lights to dimmers is a simple way to control the ambience in the room. They’re also ideal if you share a room, as they are less distracting if one of you is up earlier in the morning.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Do you suffer from the dreaded ‘Floordrobe’? (our new favourite word). We’ve all had that morning where you’re dashing around the house frantically searching for something to wear – as long as it’s clean. No-one likes starting the day on the back foot. It’s time, my friends, to embrace the magic of a wardrobe clear-out. Be ruthless. Take anything you never wear or doesn’t fit and pop it into a bag destined for the charity shop.

If you’re planning on renovating your bedroom, why not treat yourself to a new wardrobe? There are lots of clever storage solutions available that you can customise to fit your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re a shoe fanatic or you own a tonne of ties. Whatever your vice, be sure to make a note of your particular storage needs before you head out shopping.

Top Tip: Storage experts recommend hanging your longest items on the left side and shortest pieces on the right. Apparently the diagonal line makes you feel more positive. It’s worth a try!

Home Improvement Loan Bedroom Redesign

The Perfect Base

Splurging on a new mattress might seem like an extravagance, but if you’re prone to waking up with a crick in your neck or a sore back then it might be time to take the plunge. You’ll sleep so much better without that spring sticking into your back. A new mattress is a definite try before you buy purchase, so don’t be afraid to test it out on the shop floor. Or if you really want a treat, opt for a brand-new bed frame and mattress for a true overhaul of your room. Add in some crisp new sheets for that new-sheet-feeling whenever you slip between the covers.

Showing your bedroom a little love doesn’t need to cost the earth and the health benefits are worth it. So grab your cosiest pyjamas, your favourite book and a cup of camomile tea and get down to the important business of relaxing.

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