You Spin Me Right Round: Aodhán’s Engagement Story

Image of Aodhán on a seat on a rollercoaster presenting a ring to his fiancee.

You never know when you’ll meet the person you’re going to marry. For Aodhán and Jill, it was an everyday trip to meet some mutual friends in Cork city centre that sealed the deal.

Aodhánwas born in Mayo but moved to Cork as a child and feels that his heart has always been in The Rebel County – except when it comes to sport! When he met Jill, a Cork native, the pair clicked immediately, geeking out over their shared love of graphic novels, and arranged to meet up the next day. “We had to take shelter from the rain in the library, but we still managed to spend pretty much the whole day together,” Aodhán explains. Two birthday parties later, they made it official when Aodhánasked Jill to be his girlfriend on Halloween.

Seven years on, they’re planning their wedding.

Planning for the Future

It didn’t take long until Aodhánwas sure he wanted to propose to Jill. But as usual with these things, life got in the way. In the middle of studying for a PhD and with just a temporary contract in work, Aodhánwanted to make sure he was on surer footing before he asked the biggest question of his life. Once he was made permanent in his job, he could start saving for an engagement ring. But when he saw an opportunity to pop the question sooner than planned - he jumped at the chance.

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Popping the Question

With the engagement ring in hand, the only thing left to do was to plan the proposal. Aodhánhad his heart set on making this memory in the place where it all began – The Peace Park in Cork. This festive spot is home to a beautiful Ferris wheel in December, making it the perfect location to pop the question.

“I thought it would be a good place to do it because it would be private, but there would be magnificent views of Cork and we could go out afterwards as well,” Aodhánexplains. “Christmas seemed like a good time because I’d knew we’d be seeing all our friends so I could tell them in person. But it was also the perfect location because The Peace Park is where we met so we have lots of memories here and the Winter Wonderland has a great atmosphere.”

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A Great Reaction

Even though he was confident that Jill would say yes, Aodhánremembers being very nervous in the lead up to the proposal. “When the Ferris wheel had started its proper circuit, I took out the ring and said my line that I had prepared,” he recalls. Now it was Jill’s turn to experience those butterflies. “She was absolutely stunned and couldn’t say anything for about five seconds,” Aodhánrecalls, “I assumed the massive smile on her face meant yes so I gave her a little prompt and she said: ‘Obviously. Obviously yes!’”

And Jill’s speechlessness is what Aodhán remembers most fondly from the day: “She was so happy and so surprised. It was her facial expression that made it for me. I was glad that she was delighted but it was also gratifying because I knew that I had genuinely surprised her.”

Family First

If he could do it over again, Aodhán would change only one thing – he’d ask for Jill’s father’s permission before proposing. “I had planned to,” Aodhán explains “and I tried to get him alone earlier in the week but I just wasn’t able to. I know it’s something that he would have liked but I just couldn’t make it happen. He was still really excited though. When we went down to tell him, there was no bad feelings about it but I think he would have enjoyed the anticipation as well.”

Aodhánand Jill’s wedding plans are already well underway, with a venue booked for August 2018. And it’s no surprise that the wedding itself will be taking place in Cork also. “The number one thing for me was the quality of the food,” laughs Aodhάn. “The fact that the location is so close to Cork City is a bonus!”

Why Wait?

Aodhándecided to take out a personal loan with AIB so that he could propose earlier than planned. He remembers: “I told the people in the local branch what it was for, and they were really excited that they knew before Jill or anyone else! It was great to be able to get the loan because it was something I was planning, but it wouldn’t have happened for another while.”

Thankfully, the process of applying for the loan was very smooth and straightforward. “One idea I had was to wait until August, which was when we first met,” he says. “But then I thought, ‘This is what I want. This is who I want to be with. Why should I put this off any longer than I have to?’ I took advantage and I’m really happy I did.”

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