A Life-Changing Move: John & Theresa’s Story

Close-up headshot of John and Theresa smiling.

This is a story about family and a life-changing move. It’s the story of John & Theresa, who decided to move back to Ireland from England - in the belief that they would find the perfect place for their children to grow up in.

“If we hadn’t had that belief from the very first thought of moving home, we never would have moved,” Theresa says. “We had to believe that this was where we were going to find the house that would be home forever. If we didn’t have that belief, we would still be in England.”

Together since a chance encounter in England, John & Theresa’s young family had grown up in London. But as their eldest son was due to move into second level education, a chance opportunity to move home arose. And the couple wasted no time in putting their plan to return to Ireland and find their perfect home into action.


Freshly returned to Ireland, the couple had a fateful moment when they spotted their dream home listed on a property website.

Theresa says: “We were flicking through houses on a website here and I saw it, and thought: ‘God that needs a lot of work’. But I could see that it was still quite a nice house.”

Their certainty that this was the house for them was only strengthened further when they visited it for the first time.

“When we first walked in, you couldn’t see into it,” John reveals. “The back garden was like a forest and it was cold and damp, but we could see beyond that. We could see that it needed a lot of work. It needed a bit of love to bring it back to life.”

“Both of us just decided we were going to fight for this one.”

A Successful Bid

Happily, the couple’s determination paid off. And John notes that their bank manager was instrumental in helping to ease the process of applying for their mortgage while they focused on securing the house.

“We decided to go to AIB. We didn’t even have an account there but we went and met the bank manager and straight away, I clicked with him. When I shook his hand, I knew this guy would help us out,” he explains.

“He was in constant contact with us and he made it so much easier for us. If it wasn’t for him, we probably would have had a meltdown. He was there to calm us down and reassure us. He was great.”

Eventually successful in their bid, they’ve spent recent months concentrating on shaping it into their ideal home.

John explains: “When we moved into the house, there was nothing - no fireplace, no doors, no heating, no showers, nothing. It was just a shell of bricks and mortar and we put everything back into this house.”

“We got builders, plumbers and electricians in. It was a fantastic time to be here if I’m honest. The house was quiet for so long and when I was coming to see the work every day, I could hear drills, hammers and men working. It was all to bring it back to life and that’s what they did.”


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