Creating Your Ideal Home: How to Match Your Décor to Your Personality

Use a mood board to help define your home style

One of the biggest compliments someone can pay your home décor is to say, ‘This place is so you’, when they walk in the door. Nail that, and you’ll not only have a beautiful home, you’ll also have one that you feel super comfortable in. Having a clear idea of your style will also make shopping for your home a more defined and relaxed experience. As a prospective new homeowner, chances are that this is your first time decorating without having to work around the questionable furniture the landlord chose. And while being bestowed with full creative control is amazing, it can be an incredibly intimidating too. So, before you hit the shops read this.

Consider What You Like to Do in Your Home


Your home should always fit with and enhance your lifestyle. If, for example, you like to curl up with a good book after a busy day, then vibrant hues like red are not your friend. Consider instead calming colours like green and blue. If you’re in your element throwing a party, then you’ll want your home to feel fun and energising. Colours like hot pink and bright orange will always bring a smile to your face. If you love the outdoors, then bring that inside with natural materials like rattan, wood and plenty of houseplants.

Sit down with your housemate(s) and write a list of how you’d like your home to make you feel - and what your ideal self would be doing in your new home. Then keep that list top of mind when you start decorating.

Review your Pinterest

If you’re buying a house, then you’ve more than likely been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. This can be a great way to zero in on your personal style. Look through your pins for key colours, lighting, and textures. Are you pinning lots of reading nooks and cosy couches? Or maybe it’s more table settings and cocktail stations? Keep your eyes peeled for themes and start refining your boards. This will provide a nice visual aid to refer back to if you’re getting muddled. Why not take it a step further and print off your favourite pins to create a physical mood board? This will give you something to match paint samples and furniture to.

Look at Your Clothing Style

While you’ve probably never designed a house before, chances are you’ve been figuring out your clothing style for some time now. We’re not talking trends here, but the kind of items do you gravitate towards. Are you all about the comfort? Or maybe you love classic shapes like blazers. Maybe you’re attracted to fun patterns and bright colours. Have a look at what’s in your wardrobe and you’ll get a sense of what type of style you’re most comfortable with.

Yin and Yang


Once you’ve pinned down your style it can be tempting to theme your whole house around it. But, as with everything in life, balance is crucial. Find the yin to your style yang and your home will feel more balanced. So, if you’re crazy about zen candles and meditation, then, by all means, decorate your house that way - but be sure to add in a few fun elements like a quirky piece of art or a neon sign to balance things out. It will make your home feel more authentic. There are many facets to a personality after all.

Thinking of Buying a House?

As an AIB mortgage customer you have the option of delaying your mortgage payment for the first 6 months. So, you can take some time to decorate your home just how you’d like it. Use our mortgage calculatorto see how much you can borrow and then book an appointment to speak with one of our mortgage advisors.

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