Analyst Coverage

Listed below are analysts who frequently cover AIB Group in their research and opinions. AIB Group assumes no responsibility for any statements, expectation or recommendations made by any of them.

No mention of any organisation, company, or individual shall imply any approval or warranty as to the standing and capacity of any such organisation, company or individual on the part of AIB Group.

Analysts Contacts:

Autonomous Chris Cant
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Marta Sanchez Romero
Barclays Aman Rakkar
Grace Dargan
Berenberg Eoin Mullany
Citigroup Andrew Coombs
Davy Diarmuid Sheridan
Deutsche Bank Robert Noble
Exane BNP Paribas Guy Stebbngs
Goldman Sachs Martin Leitgeb
Markus Pops
Goodbody Eamonn Hughes
Barry Egan
J.P. Morgan Raul Sinha
Sheel Shah
KBW Darragh Quinn
UBS Jason Napier
Sanjena Dadawala