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Special Updates

Irish Economy Watch


March 2024

The manu. PMI jumped to 52.2 in Feb, its highest level since June ... Read More..

March 22, 2024 16:30



Housing Market Bulletin


December 2023

The main focus of the Irish residential property market ... Read More..

December 12, 2023 11:15



Irish Economic Updates


Budget 2024

Today's busget contained a fresh package of cost of living support  ... Read More..

October 10, 2023 17:45



Irish Economy Presentations


April 2024

Chart pack detailing the performance of the Irish economy... Read More..

April 08, 2024 16:30


Forex & IR Monthly


March 2024

World economy grew at a very modest pace in 2023. Subdued growth ... Read More..

March 6, 2024 16:00



ECB Watch


April 2024

As widely anticipated, the ECB's Governing Council meeting ... Read More..

April 11 2024 16:00



BoE Watch


March 2024

The March meeting of the Bank of England's Monetary ... Read More..

March 21, 2024 15:30



Fed Watch


March 2024

The US Federal Reserve Open Market Committee's second ... Read More..

March 21, 2024 11:00



Latest Special Updates


Forex Market Update - July 2023

Sterling endured a difficult 2022 owing to concerns ... Read More..

July 13, 2023 13:30





Brexit Update - June 2020

The EU-UK trade talks made very little progress over the first... Read More..

June 29, 2020 02:28




Brexit Update - February 2020

The EU and the UK have set out their opening positions... Read More..

February 27, 2020 02:55




Brexit Update - October 2019

The revised Brexit deal was signed off at the EU Heads... Read More..

October 23, 2019 02:05






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