FX solutions to suit your business requirements  

If your business is trading internationally, you may be exposed to Foreign Exchange (FX) risk. This is where adverse currency movements may reduce or eliminate the margin your business earns on the underlying transaction.

During this period of uncertainty, AIB Customer Treasury Services would like to remind you, our customer, that we are here to support you and make sure your business continues to meet its financial objectives and minimise uncertainty.

Our team will take time to gain an understanding of your risk profile and key business objectives. We will then help you to review your FX exposures, so that you can prepare and implement a treasury risk management policy appropriate for your business. We will then combine these insights with our specialist market expertise to explain the alternatives that can be customised to meet these needs.


What we provide:

  • Access to a dedicated Treasury Relationship Manager
  • Efficient deal execution and settlement
  • Timely information on market developments
  • Comprehensive range of risk management products and innovative solutions
  • Guidance on treasury planning


Talk to Us

We offer a range of products to help protect you from the impact of adverse market movements including the “Vanilla” ones outlined below to the more structured products which can be tailored to address your specific requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all of these with you. 

Some of our Foreign Exchange products

rates fluctuation

Spot Foreign Exchange

Giving you the option to exchange one currency for another at a pre-determined rate.

charts and graphs

Forward Contract

Specify your foreign exchange transaction to an agreed date or agreed period.

rates on screen

FX Order

Specify your foreign exchange transaction to an agreed date or agreed period.

Other Products to help you protect your business from uncertainty

rates on computer screen

Manage your Interest Rate Risk

ship leaving port

Manage your Trade Risk