8 Driving Distractions That You Need to be Aware of

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13 Feb 2015

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Everybody knows driving safely takes a lot of concentration. However, as technology and other factors increasingly affect our hectic lives, more and more distractions present themselves to us every day. Therefore, it’s important that we remain aware of the potential areas where our concentration may slip while on the road. AIB Car Insurance brings you our top list of potential driving distractions and lets you know how to avoid them.

1. Texting

Texting is one of the most dangerous things a person can do while driving. It distracts you from the road and slows down your reaction time, which could potentially cause an accident. Instead of replying to a text while driving, wait until you’re parked, or if it’s an urgent message that can’t wait — pull in somewhere safe and then reply.

2. Talking On The Phone

Taking a call on your mobile while you’re driving might not seem like a big deal but could be very dangerous. While a phone conversation may not divert your eyes from the road like texting, it’s still been shown to reduce driver performance considerably.

3. Accessing The Internet

Despite being a relatively new issue, with the advent of Smartphones the dangers of checking Facebook and Twitter while driving are now up there with texting. No matter how urgently you need to know the number of ‘likes’ your witty status has gotten, perhaps this is another one best filled under the ‘wait until you pull over’ heading.

4. Driving Angry

If you’ve just had a war of words with a friend or family member, a good idea could be to wait until you cool off for a period of time before you get in your car. Going over and argument in your head can distract you from the wheel and you could end up taking your pent up frustrations outon the accelerator. Not a good idea!

5. Eating & Drinking

The ‘Drive Thru’ in McDonald’s is handy out but testing your multi-tasking abilities while driving and attempting to chow down is just silly. No matter how tight you are for time, take a few minutes to stop and enjoy your lunch or wait until you reach your destination. It’ll taste a lot better without an accident for dessert.

6. Grooming

There’s a lot of mirrors in your car but remember, they’re there for your safety, not for you to check out how well you’re looking today. From brushing your hair to doing your lipstick, all these activities will put you and your fellow road users in danger. Plus, smudging is definitely much more likely if you’re doing your makeup in a moving car.

7. Adjusting Music

Changing the station to avoid hearing that One Direction song is often essential but make sure it doesn’t affect your alertness. Whether you’re searching for a song on Spotify or changing the playlist on your iPhone, why not get your friend to be guest DJ? If you’re riding solo, wait until your safetly stopped or pulled in to change your jam.

8. Chatting With Friends

You can’t beat a good catchup with friends or family. However, it’s better to keep conversation light and your attention on the road in case ‘playing Dr. Phil’ takes your concentration away from the primary task at hand. Why not wait until you’re stopped with a nice cuppa? Then you can really be the great listener and problem solver you’re renowned for being.

Stay alert, keep your eyes on the road and follow these directions on avoid driving distractions to reduce your risk of an accident. To get a Car Insurance quote online today from AIB, just click here. For Car Insurance that meets your needs, make sure to visit AIB Car Insurance.

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