AIB’s 8 Tips for Driving Safe This Winter

Cars on motorway in the rain.

As the winter weather is truly upon us, we all know the importance of slowing down, taking precautions and driving safely. AIB Car Insurance asked our customers to share with us their top tips for driving safely this winter and this is what they had to say.

Have the Essentials at Hand

Make sure you have de-icer, defogger and a screen scraper at hand in your car to avoid any visibility problems.Make sure to keep an emergency flashlight with you, especially when driving in the dark at night.A car phone charger can come in handy too in case your smart phone runs out of battery.

Light up to See Clearly

When driving on foggy, frosty and icy roads, make sure to use your fog lightsand that they’re correctly sighted to lower glare. Also, don't forget to turn them off when the fog lifts.

Keep Your Distance

Stay well back from car in front of you. Expect the unexpected, do not tailgate and double the ‘two second rule’ as stopping distance is increased in winter.

Check Those Threads

Check your tyres to make sure that they have at least the minimum permitted tread depth of 1.6mm. Replace any that are below this limit, and don't forget the spare!

Watch out for Black Ice

When the temperature drops, no matter how good road conditions seem, always expect black ice.

Know Your Vehicle

Check your car manual and find out if your vehicle has safety assist technology such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Learn how these technologies can assist your driving in harsh weather conditions.

Make Sure You’re Fully Charged

Make sure your battery is working 100%, the cold weather puts a lot of strain on batteries.

Belt Up

First and foremost, make sure you always wear your seatbelt. Whatever the conditions, this is always a life saver. Don’t go anywhere without having yours on this winter.

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