AIB’s Expert Guide to Passing Your Driving Test

Women holding up a driving L plate tearing it in half.

In Ireland, before you can get your full driving license, everybody must successfully pass their driving test. The test is designed to ensure you’re up to speed on the Rules of the Road and that you drive with the required skillset and knowledge in accordance with these rules.

The driving test also looks at how you regard your safety, the safety of your passenger and the wellbeing of other road users. If you want to get the best quote for your car insurance, getting your full driving license goes a long way.

AIB Car Insurance brings you our expert guide to successfully preparing for and passing your driving test.

The learner permit
If you’re a first time holder of a learner permit, you must wait at least six months before applying for your driving test. Before you get this permit you will need to have already successfully sat and passed the Driver Theory Test and submitted all the relevant application forms. A holder of the learner permit for the first time must take a structured programme of driver training through an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) before they can apply for their full license. You can locate your nearest ADI through the Road Safety Authority (RSA) website.

Training programmes for drivers
Before you sit your driving test, you must successfully complete the Essential Driver Training (EDT) programme. This is applicable to all holders of their first learner permit which has a start date that is later than April 4th 2011. If this applies to you, then you will need to produce evidence showing that you’ve completed this programme to your driving test centre. This can be done by getting your ADI to stamp and sign your logbook and making sure they notify the RSA that you have completed your 12 lessons.

Knowing the rules of the road
Don’t forget, the driving test isn’t just based on the road while you’re in your vehicle, it’s also based in the test centre being quizzed on the rules of the road. You can be the best driver in the world out on the road but if you don’t know the theory bit, then you simply won’t pass. Study these closely!

Practice makes perfect
Make sure you practice as much as you can on as many different types of roads as you can. By practicing at particular times of the day only, you won’t be fully prepared for your test. You need to reach a point in driving skill level where you are as comfortable driving in rush hour traffic as you are on quite roads. Practicing driving at night and in different weather conditions is also very important as there may be adverse weather on the day of your test, which you have no control over.

Building up your confidence
Good driving is all about confidence and this is the key to passing your test. You can guarantee you’ll be at least slightly nervous on your test day, so it’s best to be as comfortable as possible going into it if you’re going to pass. Make sure you can easily recall your instructors expert advice on reversing around corners, 3 point turns, stopping at traffic lights, checking your mirrors, moving between lanes and entering plus exiting roundabouts.

We know that getting on the road can be an expensive, especially for young first time drivers. That’s why our Drivesave scheme and Drivesave App allow drivers under the age of 25 to get rewarded with cash back discounts for safe driving. Pay for how you drive, not how others drive.

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