Control Your AIB Credit Card - Don’t Let it Control You

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20 Mar 2015

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If you’re a business person who’s savvy, then you might be using an AIB VisaBusiness Credit Cardalready to separate business and personal transactions. This is not only best practice for your business, come tax time it simplifies the entire process of tracking your business expenses.

Whether you are an AIB Personal or Business Credit Card holder, here are some tips to help you manage your credit card successfully.

1.Swap the money you spend on life’s little luxuries to paying off your card instead
Did you know that in 2014 the Irish populate spent a total of €81 million a year on coffee? Imagine those savings being used to help pay your credit card bill. When you cut back on seemingly insignificant but regular treats, it’s easier to reduce your credit card bill.

Need help finding out where to cut back?
Why not use AIB’s financial planning tool, My Money Manager, on AIB Tablet Banking and AIB Internet Banking. This will allow you to see the areas you can afford to cut back on and help you to repay your balance.

2.Understand credit card interest, and take advantage of interest-free periods
Using a credit card that has an interest free period is a helpful tool and when managed correctly, allows you more time to pay for key purchases. AIB offers up to 56 days interest-free credit. When you pay your balance on time and in full each month you will avoid paying interest.

3.Minimise fees with the help of Direct Debits
We all know payment dates are very good at sneaking up on you. To avoid this, set up a Direct Debit to pay your balance in full each month.

4. Know your Credit Card limit
Knowing the limit of your Credit Card is also important. Stay within the limit of your card to avoid paying over limit fees, or alternatively you could consider applying for an increase in your credit card limit if you can afford to pay it back.

5.Keep cash advances for emergencies
While your AIB Credit Card can provide you with cash if required, don’t forget that these withdrawals will incur interest from day one and other charges may also apply.

For more information on AIB Credit Cards that give you flexible and secure spending plus an incredible introductory interest offer we are currently offering new customers on our AIB CLICK Visa Card, visit our website today.

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