How to Pack Your Carry-On Like a Pro

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25 Mar 2015

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Packing your whole life into a single carry-on bag is no mean feat, even for a long weekend.

No one enjoys lugging around a large suitcase, particularly on short getaways or city breaks. The added anxiety of having to check-in and the stress of watching the scales border on the 20kg mark are really overrated. However, something we have all come to enjoy is the convenience arriving at the airport, going straight through security and then skipping right through baggage claim once we arrive at our destination.

Convenience is bliss.

If you’re not already a pro at this, AIB Travel Insurance brings you the perfect guide that will have you packing your cabin baggage like a pro for your next journey in no time.

Choosing the right bag
First things first; your bag. Function is king here and perish the thought, but you may have to compromise a bit on the fashion front. Things you are looking for here are ease of access and a handy secure pocket for your boarding passes and passport.

What goes where?
Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your bag and place the lighter items towards the top. Chargers can be grouped and placed in one zipper section while devices like iPads and cameras can be placed in another.

Folding your clothes
Still folding and stacking clothes? Rookie mistake! Now’s the time to roll your clothes and put your Tetris skills to the test. Next, save space by slotting these rolled up clothes into your bag. This way, the clothes take up far less space and are much easier to move around. If your bag has separate sections, consider using these to separate different types of clothes and using all the space available.

Picking your clothes
We’re no fashion experts but there’s one thing we do know; the more interchangeable your clothes, the less you need to bring. It’s better to bring clothes that can be mixed and matched while going for a short trip.

What about coats though?
If a winter coat is a must and it’s quite heavy, the easy solution is to wear it on the way. Wearing your heavier items while travelling can save you more space than you might think. You may not be the best dressed person on the plane but at least you won’t have to lug around a big suitcase.

Leaving toiletries and cosmetics at home
Unless it’s something that you specifically need and cannot get upon arrival, then it’s not absolutely essential for your short break. There will always be somewhere to buy toothpaste and shampoo when you arrive. By not bringing these items you also completely avoid the age ole risk of having a leak and could save yourself a major headache.

Once you’ve picked the ideal location to put all these tips into practice, make sure you’ve got the best cover. AIB Travel Insurance has a wide range of holiday insurance policies to suit any travellers needs. Buy online here today and get 30% Annual and Single trip policies when you buy before 30/04/2015.

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