Key Questions to Ask When You’re Picking a Credit Card

Credit in a persons hand being offererd.

Before you choose the AIB Personal Credit Card that’s right for you, take a look at the information guide below from AIB Credit Cards.

Is a credit card the right choice for me?
Before going any further, ask yourself if you really require a Credit Card.

A Credit Card offers you greater convenience and flexibility but remember, as with any debt it must be repaid. If you’re not sure if you’re able to repay a Credit Card (and not just the minimum payment that’s required each month) then maybe reconsider this. A more appropriate option in this case could be an AIB Visa Debit Card, which uses money you have in your account.

What Credit Card suits your needs?
So you’ve decided that manage a Credit Cards – now, what’s next? It’s time to decide whether a premium or a standard card is right for you.

Premium Credit Cards, such as the AIB Platinum Visa Card, are designed for higher spending customers who pay off a large amount of their balance each month. With premium cards you will normally benefit from added card features.

Standard Credit Cards, like our AIB 'be' Visa or MasterCard and AIB CLICK Visa Card, are intended for lower spending customers who will repay a smaller amount of their outstanding balance each month. With standard cards, they will normally carry lower fees and charges.

A good guide to follow is the less you’re planning to spend, the less likely you are to need a premium credit card. Consider your current spending habits and the repayments you can manage so you don’t bite off more than you can chew. The bank will check your capacity to repay the Credit Card limit when you apply and your income is usually being the largest factor.

How much do I plan on paying off my card each month?
The less of your balance you pay each month, the more you should consider interest rates when choosing the right credit card for you. Regardless of your personal preference, a general rule to follow is that the more of your Credit Card bill you pay off each month, the better.

For more information on the types of credit cards available from AIB that enable flexible and secure spending, visit our website today.

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