Changing Your Name with Your Bank

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30 Apr 2015

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You may be changing your name for many reasons and it’s important that all this runs smoothly. It’s vital that your personal details are correct at all times and along with your bank; there may be several organisations you need to update these with.

Update your bank details
Since you most likely interact with your bank every day, this is a good place to start updating your details. In order to change your name, you may be required to present original or certified copies of your change-of-name documents.

To change your name with AIB, visit your local branch with these change-of-name documents and another valid form of photo ID (such as a drivers licence or passport). The name on your account can be changed right awayand a new card can be ordered for you, at your request, once your details have been updated.

Change your direct debits
After you order your new card, you will still have the same card number in most cases. However, there’s no harm in contacting the companies and service providers with whom you have direct debits and ensuring direct debit details, card and name all match.

Update your details with other organisa tions
Without a doubt, there’ll probably be other important organisations that you’ll need to update your name with. We’ve listed a few below to help:

• Motor Tax Office

• Healthcare Provider

• Your local council

• Your employer

If you need assistance with any other banking queries, you can contact AskAIB on Facebook, Twitter and can also check out our range of tools and how-to guides or visit our help centre.

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