AIB’s Simple Guide to Landlord Insurance

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If you have an investment property, it’s important to protect it with landlord insurance. AIB Insurance brings you up to speed on the important things you need to know with our simple guide below.

Incidents always occur which we may not have planned for. Whether it’s damage to your property or a water pipe bursting, these unforeseen events can leave your budget with a big gaping hole. A good option to give you peace of mind is getting landlords’ insurance which can help prepare you for unexpected events.

What is landlord insurance and what is covered?
Insurance for landlords covers the holder of the policy against theft, flood, fire, storm, accidental and vandalism damage as well as incidents where loss of rent occurs, there’s damage by tenants (malicious or accidental) and depending on the policy, theft by tenants. You are also covered in the event of damaged caused by modifications to the structure that were undertaken without your knowledge or consent.

How doeslandlord insurance differ from home insurance?
In general, insurance for landlordsprotects your investment property and the contents. However, home insurance covers your own home.

What are the benefits of insurance for landlords?
If you choose Smart Invest Rental Property Cover from AIB, you avail of cover for accidental damage to landlords’ contents and buildings as standard. We have cover for contents only available for contents valued from €15,000 and charges for the Fire Brigade are covered up to €2,600. AIB makes a 24 hour claims helpline available to you for your convenience.

If you are buying this cover for the first time or are claims free for three years, you can avail of a discount of 30%. Also, if you’re already a customer with us for an AIB Loan or AIB Credit Card, you can avail of a 15% discount, while AIB Mortgage customers get a 10% discount.All discounts are applied on a reducing balance basis and subject to a minimum premium payable of €157.50.

To find out more aboutlandlordinsurance from AIB, visit our website today or arrange a call back from one of our AIB Insurance experts today.

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