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07 May 2015

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With AIB iBusiness Banking (iBB) you can securely manage your everyday business finances in one location.This enables you to have straightforward access to a whole range of banking services and products at a time that suits you.

The benefits of iBB include convenience and security. This allows you to save and access your business accounts 365 days a year and provides you with a dual payment authorisation functionality with high payment limits. If you have any issues with iBB, our dedicated support team are available on phone, email, social and web chat to assist you.

At AIB, we’re continually striving to put you, our customers, first and we’re always trying to improve the services we bring to you. We’ve listened to your suggestions about how you use our iBusiness Banking (iBB) and made some changes. These include:

Viewing of your ‘Available Funds’

The processing funds balance is now available as a new feature called ‘Available Funds’, on the Account Information and Payment Screen. This is the amount available for you to transfer or withdraw and will include any overdraft limit where one applies. This is different to the available balance details on the new banking platform Account View screen in Enquiries, as it takes into account your available overdraft facilities.

Payments Warehousing

As an iBB customer, you can authorise a payment on iBB between the hours of 06:00am-03.00am. If a payment is authorised after the relevant payment cut off times, you will be advised that it will be held and released for processing on the next business day

Ability to forward date a payment

Another handy feature available is the ability to forward date a payment on iBB up to 90 calendar days in advance.

Additional Payments on the ‘Incoming Payments Log’

You can now view incoming payments from Currency Accounts which were made on iBB.

Enhanced iBB Help Centre

This new Help Centre features demos and tutorials. If you have any questions about iBB from AIB, please see our iBusiness Banking (iBB) FAQ's.

Expansion of the role of your iBB Local Admin

We’re making it easier for you to change your details with less of the hassle and forms. Administrators on iBB are now able to grant access to certain iBB User Groups to new and current users immediately. This eliminates the need to fill out and process time consuming application forms.

To learn more about iBB, please visit our website or if you have any questions, please call 0818 720 000.

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