Future ME – Financial Education Made Simple

Future ME icon with AIB logo.

What is Future ME?

Future ME (Money & Education) makes students more confident about managing their money and increases their understanding of the importance of budgeting and saving. Future ME gives students the basics they need to develop sound money management skills and to plan for their future.

Future ME is taught through a series of exciting and engaging lessons with the aim to get young people ready to think independently and confidently about financial decisions. Every student who completes Future ME will get a Certificate of Completion.

What’s covered in Future ME?

Future ME consists of a learning pack tailored for 3rd to 6th class students in primary school and another learning pack for 1st to TY students in secondary schools.

How is Future ME taught?

For teachers in the classroom, Future ME is a ‘pick up and teach’ model. AIB gives full support to each school that’s taking part by providing a comprehensive teaching pack covering all the engaging and relevant lessons for students.

How has Future ME been designed?

All the elements of Future ME have been designed in conjunction with educational professionals. For Primary School students, literacy, numeracy and language skills have been embedded into each lesson to ensure Future ME ties with the their curriculum.

What’s included in each Future ME pack?

Each pack for Future ME includes the following:

• Animated videos (DVD) using the character “Phil” to introduce each lesson, engage students, support teachers and ensure uniformity of the message

• Lesson Plans

• Worksheets/Answer Sheets

• Posters

• KWL Chart

• Word Bank

• Cheat Sheet (for secondary schools only)

If you’re a student, parent or teacher who’d like to learn more about AIB’s financial education programme Future ME, visit your local branch today.