Hadoop and BIG Data at Allied Irish Banks

Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland meet up in AIB Bank Centre.

30 Sep 2015

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Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is reinventing itself as a streamlined, technology-led bank that delivers consistently great service. As part of investigating Big Data technologies through research and workshops, we are excited to announce that AIB have partnered with Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland and will host a Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland meet up in AIB Bank Centre next Tuesday October 6th from 6pm.

Sound up your street? Register for the event on Hadoop User Group (HUG) Ireland.

AIB and Big Data Technologies

AIB is in the process of complementing our large-scale batch data analysis with large-scale, real-time data analysis. With new channels, data types, sources and technologies, AIB was challenged to bring these all together to meet the needs of today’s customers.

While deploying a tag management system across their websites, AIB investigated Big Data technologies through research and workshops. AIB have currently deployed Hadoop to complement our data warehouse and are beginning proof of concepts on near real time streaming solutions such as IBM Infosphere Streams and Spark Streaming.

Tell me more

Kevin McTiernan, a Data Scientist on the AIB Data Science and Innovation team says “Hadoop has become a synonym for distributed computing and Big Data. The Hadoop User Group Ireland is a forum to discuss Big Data related questions. The scope is broad and not focused on a particular Big Data framework.

“The purpose is to raise awareness of the benefits and use cases of Hadoop for your project. There will be something for everyone interested in these projects: typical Hadoop use cases, technical tips and tricks and best practices, case studies, data architecture, trends and emerging technologies. Join us if you’re interested in learning about Hadoop and related technologies, including use cases, new features and exciting networking with other Hadoop professionals”.

What’s on the Agenda for this Event?

The event starts from 6pm for Registration and Pre-Speech Networking - Best to get in early for those good meets and even better seats!

Hadoop and BIG Data at Allied Irish Banks

Kevin McTiernan from AIB will be presenting on AIB's fascinating use case for Hadoop and Big Data. Kevin will be talking about AIB’s big data journey from the discovery phase to implementation of Hadoop and streaming layers like Apache Spark and IBM Infosphere Streams.

Recommenders at Scale

Dr. Eoin Hurrell, Data Research Scientist will be presenting an insightful overview of recommenders at scale in a distributed environment. Eoin will be talking about one of the most useful Data Science applications to Marketing, which is recommenders at scale. Recommenders are hugely valuable parts of many online businesses, leading customers to more interesting products. They are also some of the most information-hungry algorithms. This talk will explore recommendation and how to do it at scale, touching on a few options in the Hadoop ecosystem, and their use in the field. It will explore the use of Spark's Python bindings to generate recommendations, and how this can be done using AWS.

Data Catalog: Organising Enterprise Information in the Data Lake

Uli Bethke of Sonra will be presenting a critical overview of data catalogs in the data lake along with some practical insights into this critical 'master index' that makes for a good data lake. Uli will demo data cataloging on “Waterline” along with its benefits, which includes where analysts can find objects, indexes, data ranges and user groups, versus the data swamp that is awash with poorly indexed data and lacking the benefits of a good data catalog. The advent of the data lake and data discovery has democratized the access to enterprise data. But that won’t help if analysts can’t find the right data. Data Catalogs can solve this problem. The presentation will cover the various concepts and provide a walkthrough of one of the cataloging tools.

We look forward to hosting this event at AIB Bank Centre, where we can explore some fascinating use cases along with practical insights into the Hadoop production environment.

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