Designing your Dream Kitchen: Common Mistakes to Avoid

View of oak kitchen with table and green chairs set out in the centre.

Love cooking and whipping up delicious meals? Then you’re sure to have designs on your ideal kitchen. No matter what your budget, there are a host of ways to ensure your kitchen becomes the perfect place to perfect your culinary skills. Whether you want to invest in a full refurbishment or focus on adding in some small changes, read on for the most common mistakes you might make in your redesign – and tips on how to avoid them.

Stick to a Plan

When it comes to home improvements, plan ahead for success. Now’s the time to avoid impulsive decisions. Whether you fancy a pink kitchen or a domestic haven to rival your mam’s, stick to your budget and consult a professional if you’re considering major changes. Any project that involves knocking down walls or changing plumbing sources leads to a much higher price tag in the end! Ask yourself what you can do to optimise the existing design first.

Go with the Flow

Forget about downward dog, the only flow we’re talking about here is the flow of movement in your kitchen. It may seem obvious, but experts recommend following the flow of the kitchen work triangle. This concept means that if you place the hob, sink and fridge in a triangular pattern, you’ll end up with a stream-lined kitchen and the perfect space to catch up on gossip over a hot cuppa. And if you’re used to a bustling kitchen, you’ll know this space sees the most action during meal-prep. So remember to leave this space clear and accessible during your redesign to avoid any headaches.

Make it Energy Efficient

When you’re looking for areas to save in your new kitchen, cheaper appliances might seem like the best place to start. Think again! Invest in energy efficient appliances instead and you’ll save in the future. Check out the energy star ratings on your fridge, freezer and dishwasher before purchase to find the most efficient option. Shopping smart now will give you the chance to spread your budget further. Better yet, you can bask in the smug satisfaction that you’ve made the best decision for the environment as well.

Planning and Budgeting Home Improvements

Invest in Storage

Ever spend hours searching for that one item? Save yourself time and annoyance by investing in clever storage options for your kitchen. You can officially award each of your appliances its own place and spend less time tearing your hair out looking for that long lost sieve. Opt for even less hassle by avoiding too much open shelving unless you’re a big fan of dusting. Trade the boasting points of displaying your trendy kitchen accessories for an easier life, and add in cabinets or covered shelving to maximise storage space and avoid major dust build-ups.

Kitchen Redesign Home Improvements Loan

No matter where you’re making home improvements, plan ahead and stick to your budget to keep the project on track. Check out the Savings Calculator at the beginning of your project to help establish your potential budget before you begin. If you’re undertaking a large home improvement project, AIB can help with our home improvement loan options.

Do you have any kitchen renovation tips to share? If you’ve been through a home improvement upgrade, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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