Saving For Your Dream US Trip: A Beginner’s Guide

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Exam season is finally over. And what better way to de-stress then by planning the holiday of a lifetime to the US. Cobbling together the funds to make the trip can be a daunting task, especially with just a part-time job to fund you. But with some smart savings tips - you can make it happen. If you’re a bit late to the savings game, you can implement these tips now knowing that by this time next year you’ll have a healthy savings account just waiting to go towards that dream trip.

Keep track of your spending

Budgeting isn’t the most exciting activity, even to accountancy students. But when we keep track of how much we’re spending and on what - it can be an eye opener. Keep an eye on your daily expenses by jotting them down at the end of the day or by just downloading our app and tracking them using My Money Manager. Once you know where most of your money is going, you’ll know where you can make cutbacks. If you’re surprised by how much you’re spending on public transport, make sure you’re using a Leap Card for reduced fares. If you hadn’t noticed the cost of all those late night kebabs, well…one less kebab here, means one more In-N-Out Burger when you’re Stateside.


Do It Yourself

A lot of us have small things we treat ourselves to regularly. Maybe yours is a flat white from your favourite coffee shop, a healthy smoothie, or something sweet to keep you going in the library. It’s easy to spend a few euros here and there, but even the little things add up as the weeks go by. Aside from a few things that are best left to the professionals (haircuts and dental work spring to mind), you can often save a lot by doing some DIY. Buy a travel mug and bring your brew from home. Or stock up on frozen fruit and make fresh smoothies for a fraction of the price. It might feel like a sacrifice at first, but when you’re in sunny San Diego and can splurge on surfing lessons you’ll be glad you did.

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Milk your student status

College can be tough, and it’s important to make the most of your free time and go out when you can. The good news is that if you’re trying to save a few quid, you don’t necessarily have to socialise less, you just need to socialise smarter. As a student, there are tons of ways you can have a good time on the cheap. Simply keep your eyes open for student specials around you and take advantage. From student meal deals to discounted cinema tickets and bars with student night offers, you can have a lot of fun while you save.

This goes for your banking too. While you’re in college, you can avail of some really good deals exclusive to college students. AIB offers the best value student account (voted by comparison site in both 2014 and 2015) with no account maintenance and transaction fees, an interest free overdraft up to €1,500, and commission free currency exchange for when you change your euros to dollars - so why settle for second best?

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