Put a Ring on It: Five Romantic Proposal Ideas

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27 Feb 2017

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Proposing is surely one of life’s more nerve-racking moments and even the most romantic among us can struggle to figure out the perfect way to ask those four important words.

Never fear, we’ve got you covered. Whether your partner loves being in the spotlight or prefers something more intimate, these five ideas will ensure they won’t forget your proposal. You’ll be telling this story for the rest of your lives so you better make it a good one!

1. Take Them to a Favourite Place

One way to make sure the proposal is really special to you both is by proposing somewhere with significance to you as a couple. Cast your mind back to some of the key moments in your relationship. Did you have your first kiss under a beautiful tree or on a specific park bench? Make it even more special by decorating the spot with hundreds of candles or take it up a notch by hiring musicians to play their favourite song. There’s something beautiful about taking her/him back to where it all began. Better yet, recreate your first date and show them how much they mean to you by showing how much you remember from it.

2. Take Them Searching for Treasure

If your first date spot was somewhere a bit less romantic like a chipper or somewhere that doesn’t exist anymore, you’ll have to get more creative. Add a little mystery and a lot of fun to your proposal by creating a romantic treasure hunt. Put your thinking cap on and craft some clever clues, riddles or rhymes to get them thinking. This is the time to put all your best in-jokes to good use. Just don’t make them too difficult – you don’t want to be waiting nervously at the final location for hours!

couple share tender moment after proposal

3. Take Their Favourite Thing and Make It Happen

Is your partner obsessed with a particular movie or book? Why not recreate their favourite scene? From When Harry Met Sally to Jane Eyre, you’re sure to find a romantic line that you can learn off to pop the question. And you don’t have to restrict yourself to literature or the silver screen, there are endless possibilities when it comes to love.

proposal 2

4. Take it public

If your partner likes to be the centre of attention, then there’s nothing else for it but a massive public display of affection. This could be done simply by causing a scene in a crowded restaurant which is guaranteed to deliver applause and looks of delight from other patrons. Or you could go bigger and include their family and friends with a flash mob or musical arrangement. An added bonus is that the organisational prowess involved in pulling off a public engagement will prove that you are great ‘wedding-planning material’ also!

5. Take Them on a Romantic Getaway

There’s something incredibly romantic about being whisked away when you’re least expecting it. This idea takes a little more planning, budget and secret agent work but the knowledge that you put in all that effort will blow them away. Clear their diary, pack them a case and offer them a lift to work. Drive straight past their job and keep driving until you reach the airport. This is a great opportunity to go somewhere completely new to you both and make a new memory together. This spot will also give you a great place to return for future anniversaries.

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