Home Insurance for Renters and Tenants: What You Need to Know

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14 Jun 2017

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Laptops, SLR Cameras, jewellery – our valuables add up. Protecting your precious items isn’t just a luxury reserved for home owners; insurance for tenants or renters’ insurance exists too – it’s also known as Contents Insurance. So, if you’re one of the 20% of Irish people living in rented accommodation, read on to find out how you can protect your valuables.

But doesn’t my landlord already have insurance?

If you’re renting from a landlord, they probably have their own insurance policy for the property. This will cover what matters to them as a landlord, like structural things and the furniture they own. Unfortunately, it won’t cover the things that matter to you. It’s worth assessing whether it’s sensible to get insurance to protect your things against accidental damages and burglaries.

Is Renters’ Insurance expensive?

The price depends on individual circumstances but at AIB we offer a great rate and you can spread the payments out over 12 months. AIB offers contents only cover for as little as €8.75 per month. And it covers a lot (more of that below). To figure out exactly what you’ll pay get a quick Home Insurance quote from our website.

Great, so what are exactly are ‘Contents’?

In a nutshell, your contents are the items you would take with you if you moved house.

What kind of cover do I get from Renters' Insurance?

If you take out a contents insurance policy with AIB you’ll be covered against damage by fire, storm, flood and smoke. You’ll also be covered against malicious acts or stealing as well as accidental damage to video, audio, TV’s & home computer equipment. And, something you may not have considered but could be costly is the contents of your freezer - you’ll be covered for up to €750 for that.


What are accidental damages?

Spilled some paint on your sofa? That would be classified as accidental damage. Basically, it covers you in the event of something sudden and unexpected you have done by accident.

Ok, so how do I figure out how much to insure my contents for?

Make a list of all the items you would take with you if you were moving house, for example your TV, clothing, jewellery and electrical equipment and consider how much it would cost to replace them. Remember, even if your snazzy camera cost a bomb three years ago, it may not be worth as much today so bear that in mind when calculating what your items are worth.


How do I make a claim?

We have a 24hr claims helpline so whenever you have a question or want to make a claim, we’re there.

Interested in Insuring your Contents?

If you’re renting and would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are covered, you can chat to us about AIB Home Contents Insurance. You can get a quote online so there’s no need to pick up the phone, just jump over to our Home Insurance quote page and fill in your details. Or, if you prefer to chat to someone, you can quickly request a call back or call 1890 724 724 (Mon – Fri, 9am-9pm)

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