The Car Lover's Toolbox: What You Should Always Keep in Your Car

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15 Sep 2017

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While we all like a bit of spontaneity in our lives, there are some areas where it’s best to be prepared for every eventuality. A lot can happen when you get behind the wheel, from a burst tire that leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere to heavy rainfall leaving your car stuck in the mud. To put your mind at ease, we’ve put together a handy list of items to think about popping in your motor before that next big road trip.

Power Bank

A mobile charging bank is a really handy piece of tech to have on you, and you can buy yourself an extra few hours of power without the need for a socket. Nobody wants their phone to die while they’re trying to get through to breakdown services.

Jumper Cables

restarting car with jumper cables

An essential in any car, jumper cables will get you up and running again in no time if your battery is dead. Just ensure you know how to use them correctly first.


If there’s an emergency and it’s freezing out, a couple of blankets ensure you and your passengers stay cosy and comfortable until help arrives. Inflatable neck pillows are a good shout too.

First Aid Kit

Whether it’s cuts and scrapes or something a bit more urgent, a first aid kit should be in your car at all times.

Magnetic Torch

This is a much smarter option than using the torch on your phone. Save precious power and keep your hands free to inspect your car. LED magnetic torches are a bit pricier but worth the investment.

Escape Tool

For just a few euro, you can buy a handy multi-purpose tool that cuts through seat belt fabric and can break a car window in an emergency.

Bottled Water

rows of bottled water

Chances are if you’re stranded you might be a bit of a walk away from the nearest shop or petrol station. Keep a couple of bottles in the boot for anyone who needs it.

Traction Mat

Avoid a frustrating situation and keep traction mats in the car to combat snow, ice and mud. They’re easily stowable and a real lifesaver.

Duct Tape

This stuff can be a lifesaver if your wing mirror or bumper is hanging off and you need a temporary solution until you get to a repair place.

Hi-Vis Jacket

You’re invisible to cars or other motorists at night or in fog unless you have one of these. Pop it on over your coat before you check the engine.


If all your electronic devices fail, you’ll always have your trusty paper map to help you find your way. Keep a road atlas in the glovebox - you won’t regret it.


Nobody wants to be standing in the lashing rain trying to figure out what’s going on with their car in a t-shirt and shorts. Throw a raincoat in the boot to keep yourself dry and happy.

Ice Scraper

scraping ice off car windscreen

An ice-encrusted windscreen is not what you want to see on a Monday morning when you’re already running late to work. Ice scrapers are inexpensive and get the job done in no time.

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