Top Tips for Motorists And Homeowners During Winter

Close-up view of a car tyre in the snow.

During the cold, snowy and icy weather it's good to be fully prepared when it comes to protecting your home and car. Read on for our top tips for motorists and homeowners during winter.


Always make sure your mobile phone is charged before you start your journey.

Prepare a pack to include torches, batteries, portable chargers for devices, first aid kit, water and non-perishable foods along with blankets in case you are stuck in bad weather.

Slow down! Speed limits are set for normal driving conditions. Allow extra time for your journey.

Ensure all your windows are clean and free from snow; bring a scraper and de-icer with you. Snow left on the roof will become loose and can drop onto the windscreen during braking, distracting you. Allow your windscreen to defrost fully before you start your journey.

Please make sure you give yourself enough room to break from the car in front in icy conditions, three times more than usual is a good distance.

For freezing fog conditions, please use dipped headlights at all times.

If you encounter icy conditions, try to stay calm and slow your car down by lowering your gear instead of breaking. Manoeuvre gently; avoid harsh braking, acceleration or steering as these can induce a skid.

If you drive slowly in a higher gear, this will lead to less torque so the wheels of your car are less likely to spin and cause you to skid.

At low air temperatures watch out for black ice, especially in sheltered/shaded areas on roads, under trees and adjacent to high walls.

Tune in to your local radio station regularly to keep up to date with information on weather/road conditions, road closures etc


Check that attic pipes are well insulated and leave the attic door ajar

Locate your water stop cock. In the event of burst pipes, this will help you to turn the water off and minimise the damage.

Keep gutters and drains free of debris

Set your heating to come on at intervals during the day and night.

If you have a socket in your attic, keep a high wattage bulb lit or an infra-red lamp maintain a warm water temperature in your water tank

Have a small supply of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare foods and drinking water.

Have batteries for torches in the event of power cuts along with blankets.

Have candles and matches. Candles should always be placed away from draughts in proper candleholders. Never leave a burning candle unattended

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