Spend Less, Style More: Sprucing Up Your First Home

Young man lying on a turquoise coloured couch sleeping.

Furnishing a house is expensive, even if you’re not starting from scratch. But if you’re clever about it, there are lots of ways to achieve big-budget results without spending lots of cash. Read on for our top tips on sprucing up your home.

Function Comes First

Yes, that stunning new coffee table you’ve been eyeing up for ages is tempting. But before you start excitedly impulse buying, take a moment to prioritise. Start off with what you need to make your home more liveable. Make your big spending all about the practical stuff, and once you’ve got the basic bits out of the way, you can let loose your inner interior decorator.

Know Where to Spend


There are some big ticket items worth spending a little more on. Making sure you sleep on a good mattress for example, will save your back and last you for years to come. Similarly, a new sofa is something you should take your time over. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting on it. A decent one can last a lifetime, as you can re-upholster it over the years to change its look if you get bored of it. A new floor can lift an entire house and add serious value to your property too. Remember, investing a little more now will mean you won’t have to replace things later, and will give you some great basics to style the rest of your home around.

Shop Around


Spotted a new shelving unit you just can’t live without? Before you splash the cash, browse charity shops, flea markets and second-hand sites for similar but cheaper versions. It might seem like a chore spending your weekends sorting through dusty second-hand stuff, but once you get a nose for the hunt, you might find you really enjoy it.

Furniture Hacks

Flat-pack furniture is one of the best and cheapest ways to furnish a home quickly and easily, but let’s be honest, a lot of if it can look samey and boring. Here’s a secret – that basic table or shelf is a blank canvas waiting for you to paint your personality onto. And that goes for every other piece of furniture in your house too. Spruce up basic kitchen cabinets with bright splashes of paint, or turn around a sad-looking sofa by upholstering it in some unexpected fabric. There’s an endless amount of inspiration from creative home decorators on the web.

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