The Biggest Car Trends to Watch Out For

Are you thinking of applying for a car loan, but unsure what model to go for? Not only are there thousands of designs to choose from, they all seem to come with a whole array of impressive bells and whistles. Technology is progressing at an incredible rate, and new cars offer up all kinds of nifty features that ensure you’re kept comfortable, entertained, informed, and most importantly – safe. To help you choose, here are five of the biggest trends to look out for.

Going Electric

Undoubtedly one of the biggest and most exciting worldwide trends when it comes to driving is the shift towards electric. Playing its part in the reduction of carbon emissions, Ireland plans to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and is currently putting in place an infrastructure to support a new wave of electric drivers. You’ve probably noticed charging pods popping up at service stations across the country; these will mitigate the ‘range anxiety’ potential drivers report when considering buying electric.

Meanwhile, manufacturers continue to hone the cars’ batteries, meaning they’re able to go longer distances without needing a charge. Hybrid models are another option, particularly if you travel for work and tend to rack up the mileage. With both a chargeable battery and internal combustion engine (ICE), hybrids do their part towards reducing harmful emissions, and, like their fully electric counterparts, help you make incredible savings on fuel. There are also self-charging versions available that use clever engineering to recharge the battery while you drive meaning you don’t ever need to plug it in. Win-Win.

Safety as a Priority

Safety continues to be a key priority for manufacturers and drivers alike, meaning newer cars come with a whole range of clever features aimed at reducing the risk of collisions. Look out for rear view parking cameras, automatic emergency braking and blind spot detection – just some of the newer features that will help ensure a safe and comfortable drive.

A Seamless Experience

Advancements in tech also mean that your digital and driving experiences will become more streamlined. Thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, newer cars let you access your smartphone’s apps through the vehicle’s dashboard. So, you can map your destination, select your favourite playlist or safely make a hands-free call, all without touching your phone. Further integrative features include wireless charging, which means less rogue cables going missing under seats.

The Rise of the Compact Crossover

Another huge trend this year is the compact crossover. Offering the space and comfort of an SUV, these cars are also more fuel-efficient, making them a very appealing choice indeed. As the crossover continues to grow in popularity, most manufacturers have one on the market, or are planning to in the near future. Models range in size from relatively compact to spacious seven-seaters and offer the same kind of space as a conventional hatchback. Lots of drivers enjoy the elevated view the road that the crossover offers too.

Is the Future Autonomous?

Finally, no list of car trends would be complete without a mention of autonomous driving. While this function is not at mass deployment level yet, it’s actually not as futuristic as you might think. Countless tech giants are currently testing the capabilities of self-driving cars, putting them through rigorous virtual (and in some countries, real-life) training to teach them how to respond to various traffic scenarios. Obviously, this technology needs to perfected before driverless cars become the norm, but given the current rate of progress, the next few years should prove very interesting when it comes to autonomous transport. Watch this space!

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