Kevin Nolan knows a slightly different Jim Gavin than the public
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15 Aug 2019

Posted in:  Dublin GAA, County

To the general punter, the Dublin manager is the man with the answers - always responding but rarely saying more than he needs to....

Conor Gormley: You have to make your own luck, but that mostly comes by hard work
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29 Aug 2018

Posted in:  County, Tyrone GAA, Dublin GAA

Imagine trying to get a good nightâ s sleep when you know the following day is all about winning your countyâ s first All-Ireland title....

Stephen Rochford: I think this will be a more open game
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21 Aug 2018

Posted in:  County, Dublin GAA, Tyrone GAA

The way Dublin dismantled a very defensive Tyrone team in 2017 makes me think we will have a very different game in this yearâ s final...