Aidan O'Mahony: The Gooch is the greatest footballer of all time

The Gooch is the greatest footballer ever to grace this planet, without doubt. He has all the medals, and the AIB All-Ireland title on St Patrick’s Day was a fitting send-off, but it’s the things he’s done on a pitch.


Padraic Joyce: Club Players Association long overdue

Strong words from Padraic Joyce on the new Club Players Association.


From the same blood spills much glory

Ahead of the All-Stars, we've analysed the top All Star Football and Hurling clubs across the country. 


Band of Brothers: The GAA families who have represented their county in both Hurling and Football

There are myriad examples of GAA teams backboned by brothers including The Ó Sés, Brogans, Fennellys, Mahers, Powers, McGraths and Ryans. Check out our full list. 


Toughest Trade Ep1

Watch the first episode of this year’s Toughest Trade featuring Brendan Maher and Steve Harmison.


Toughest Trade Ep2

Watch the second episode of this year’s Toughest Trade featuring Aidan O’Shea and Roberto Wallace.


Video: Tipperary's Mikey Quinlivan

We caught up with Tipperary and Clonmel sharpshooter Michael Quinlivan before the All-Ireland Semi-Final.


You must bring something new to your game on All-Ireland final day

You must bring something new to your game on All-Ireland final day as an individual and as a team. A different edge to your play and your performance. 


Sean Quigley: Dublin need to make changes 

Ahead of the All-Ireland Final, Sean Quigley has his say on what Dublin needs to do to retain their title. 


Stop the cause of the offence rather than symptoms of the cause

So the final is over and the victor has emerged and already the history books on this day have been written but Kieran McGeeney thinks it's time now to learn from the mistakes, and keep moving forward.


Colm O'Neill: What You Don’t Know About Being a Forward

Colm shares his thoughts on how football has changed over the last few years and about what it's like to play in his position. 


House of Pain: The teams who have suffered more heartbreak than most in the world of GAA

It takes a brave team to keep walking out chin up when they've hit so many obstacles along the way. Let us know who you would like to add to the list. 


Club Fuels County 360

Experience training in Ballymun, the walk up Clonliffe Road on match day and the buzz of The Dubs on Hill 16, through the power of 360˚ Video.


#TheToughest All-Ireland Final Challenge 

Loyalty to your county is one thing, but loyalty to your club is on a totally different scale, as one passionate Dublin fan proved on All-Ireland final day. 


Video: Cromane & Donnchadh Walsh 

There are few greater thrills than having one of your own represent you on the biggest stage in Croke Park. 


Kieran McGeeney: History is written by the victor

As Sunday approaches and the column inches get filled, we hear more and more theories and stories about what each team is doing and why one will prevail over the other.


People are saying that Dublin won’t play as badly again, but Mayo didn’t allow them to play

Find out why the great Padraic Joyce is predicting Mayo for Sam ahead of the All-Ireland Final Replay!

Paddy O'Rourke

Paddy O'Rourke: Letter to my younger self

What would he tell himself if he could whisper into a young Paddy O’Rourke’s ear?