6 Simple Ways to Protect your Home from Burglaries

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18 Oct 2016

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Step away from the booby traps and dancing cardboard cut-outs. Protecting your home from burglaries doesn’t need to be complicated. The majority of burglars are opportunists searching for the easiest way to get what they want. And although nothing can guarantee your home’s safety, there are some simple things you can do to help deter a burglar from attempting a break-in.

1. Make it Difficult

A burglar is usually seeking the easiest way to gain entry within the shortest time so making your house difficult to enter is a good deterrent. Simple things are effective, like ensuring that the locks on your doors are in good working order and all windows are shut securely when leaving the house. Sergeant Kelvin Courtney of the National Crime Prevention Unit recommends implementing the 3-minute delay test. If you can delay entry for 3 minutes or more then chances are that the burglar will give up and go somewhere else.

Another basic deterrent for thieves is visibility. Get your hedge clippers out and trim any bushes or shrubs around your property so there is nowhere to hide.

2. Let There Be Light

Create the illusion that someone is home by leaving a light on when you leave the house. You can keep energy costs down by installing an inexpensive timer that flicks on lamps, lights and even the radio when you’re not there.

Outside lights are also a great deterrent. Installing a simple motion sensor will frighten off intruders and send an immediate signal that something is going on.


3. Keep Up Appearances

Heading off on your holidays? Post hanging out of the letterbox for a long period of time is a dead giveaway that no-one is home. Ask a friend or family member to drop by occasionally to collect any letters.

You could also ask your neighbours to wheel your bins out for collection to keep up appearances. Just don’t forget to offer to return the favour if they are away.


4. Install an Alarm

If you haven’t already got one, consider installing an alarm. The peace of mind you get will far outweigh the initial cost. If you already own an alarm, keep the box clean so it is a visible deterrent and looks in good working order.


5. The Little Things

Consistency with the little things will have a big impact on your home’s security. Create a lock-up checklist and mentally tick it off each time you leave the house.

Be aware of what a burglar might see when peering through your letterbox. Make sure valuables and car keys are kept out of sight of prying eyes.

Cash and jewellery are some of the most attractive items to a burglar. Carefully lock up high value items and avoid storing large amounts of cash in the home.

6. Insure Your Home

Even with protection in place, sometimes you just get unlucky. Being burgled can be a traumatic experience, but having a good home insurance plan will alleviate the financial stress of the situation. We have a range of home insurance plans available to give you peace of mind that if something unfortunate does happen, you’re protected.


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