Essential Items for Your Student Bedroom

Aerial view of an unfurnished bedroom with a bed, desk and chair.

With CAO offers out last Monday, a whole new independent life awaits! If you’re one of the thousands of students heading off to college for the first time, it’s wise to start planning now for the essentials you will need for your new digs. And if you need help with your finances, AIB has a dedicated team who can tailor a student loan to suit you.

Your Personal Sanctuary

Student digs have never been known for their luxurious surroundings - think dingy walls, piles of dirty clothes and plates with week-old food mouldering on them. But yours doesn’t have to be that way.

Remember, your room will be your home for most of the next year, so why not make it a haven? A sanctuary to come back to and eat your pot noodles in peace in after a long day attending lectures or fraternising with fellow freshers.

Whether you’re staying on campus or renting privately, find out which furniture items are provided already then make a list of what you’ll need. Space will be limited so it’s best to leave most of your prized possessions at home. This is a whole new you!

Catch Some Zs


You might not make it to bed every night but you will still need bed clothes. Once you know your bed size you’ll need a duvet, two or three pillows and two sets of bedcovers. Top tip: a mattress topper will transform a hard mattress. Assume that you’ll be enduring a typical Irish winter and consider an electric blanket or a hot water bottle to stave off the cold.

Most large chain stores have great quality bedding at reasonable prices and it’s a good idea to invest in quality so it will last. You might find a cheaper option in a dodgy discount store but no one wants a lumpy pillow spewing out bits of green and orange sponge. For carting your washing down to the laundrette get yourself a large laundry bag which can double as a clothes basket.

Some ear plugs and eye shades will be useful too, as the curtains could be flimsy. Both can be picked up for a small cost at any chemist. Storage will probably be minimal so try to bring a capsule wardrobe for term times. Remember coat hangers too and, if you plan to dress to impress, an iron.

You’ve Got the Power

Never underestimate the need for sockets - bring an extension lead with extra ones. A lamp for your bedside and a tall one for reading will come in handy too. Put earphones on your list so you can watch a movie on your laptop knowing your neighbours aren’t being disturbed.

You might want to bring a plug-in heater and for a bit of in-room catering, a microwave, a mini fridge and a kettle. If you’re a more refined kinda guy or gal a coffee machine will save you loads on overpriced takeaway coffees. And with no Mammy around to rouse you from your slumber get yourself a trusty alarm clock.

Keep It Clean

Towels are another essential so bring two sets of different sized ones for your bathroom. Aside from your personal items, include a few cleaning products for the “occasional” times the bathroom will be cleaned and remember that most unglamorous of items - a loo brush. Lastly, go all boy-scout with a first aid kit. You never know when you’ll need it.

Make It Personal

Wherever you end up won’t be your home forever (we promise) but make it yours for now. Even the toughest first-year will feel a little homesick so bring a few photos - even if they’re of the dog. Lots of personal items, a few cushions and nice lighting will create a cosy den to retreat to when you want your own space. Above all, learn lots, play plenty and enjoy!

Starting College This September?

If you are looking for a Student Loan, talk to one of our dedicated team who can advise you on options to help you manage the cost of third-level education. If you’d like to know more, just call our dedicated Student Centre for assistance by calling 1890 788 336, lines are open 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 6pm on Saturday or alternatively drop into any AIB branch and speak to one of our Student Officers.

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